Monday, July 30, 2007

The bus was an hour late!

Good thing we got there 1/2 an hour early... eh Johnathan? Tired of waiting!?!?

The kids are sure going to miss that boy!
So is Jenny!!!
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July 30 Jonathan leaves!

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Jonathan supporting Care and Compassion

Jonathan taking the time to purchase some of our beading... what a nice boy. We are thankful that he is willing to support the ministry and local beaders!!! :0)
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Dance Praise

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Braai continued...

Jos... the International Director of CHI

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Going away Braai for Jonathan

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sushi and Spring Rolls in Africa...

Mari... from Japan making Sushi (in a new style) and Spring Rolls for us! She taught Tavis to make the spring rolls, so when she leaves we can still have them!!! We go to China Town in Windhoek to get the supplies! Next time we will buy the seaweed for the Sushi! YUM!
Instead of Seaweed, she used egg! It not only looked great... it tasted awesome! We are going to miss Mari when she leaves!
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Beading Day

Mari and Ndemufayo hard at work creating beautiful necklaces!!!
Some of the new designs we've been working on... this is Jenny's work!
Mari is extremely creative and she has come up with some beautiful new ideas and taught them to the others! Thanks Mari!
Ndemufayo loves to bead!!!
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Talitha... in Kamloops

Talitha, sporting some new clothes from a good friend! She sure enjoyed her time in Kamloops... and THANKS to all who hosted her, and spoiled her! We appreciate your LOVE! She is off to her grandparents this week in Cranbrook... and she has moved to my mom and dad's so she will start school in Sussex in September!

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Progress at Oshikuku

Our new Director Berdian (his son Dante) wife Juliet and Pete went up to Oshikuku for a quick visit while the Dutch Team is here from Holland! There is progress... it should be finished soon... some of the construction wasn't done so well, but the building is up and we'll figure out the rest as it goes! What do you think Joe...? I wish they had taken pictures of the inside... next time!

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Canada Eh?

Now how did we convince 2 Angolans to wear Canada hats...? Not sure but we did get them a place to stay for the night!! :0)
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A night at the Knightlys!

Pizza from Otjiwarongo... Pete brought it back when he came from the north!!!
We got a package from Kelly... GREAT hats... thanks Kelly and Dakotah for thinking of and blessing us!
Fenguito (Sam)... a night of jammin!
Claudio plays the piano at our church... man we had a good time... even made up some NEW songs... great fun!
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