Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The river...

Not much left now...
A river runs through it?
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Before and After

The river the day before... notice it doesn't actually flow into the ocean!!!
The River the NEXT day... notice... it is flowing into the ocean now... it breaks through about 4 times a year!

We all found it very exciting to watch the changes as the river broke through the sand bar into the ocean... it was incredible!
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Monday, August 27, 2007

We went for a drive last night...

Clover cows... if I was a cow this is where I would want to live... nice view of the ocean, and plenty of Greenery to Eat!

Lots of green in South Africa!!! Nice!
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Where we are staying!

This is the view out of the yard...
This is the place we are campin out!
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The lookout

Strauss and Sanette Joubert!
Peter and Charlene Knightly!
Meagan Knightly!
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A Long Walk on the Beach

The Indian Ocean at the Eastern Cape of South Africa
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Feeding the monkey

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tour of a Museum in East Somerset

The boys are especially excited about the tour through the Museum!
I forced them to smile for this one... hehe
Pete really does enjoy Museums... he's just acting silly for this picture!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We are IN South Africa

After a very UNEVENTFUL border crossing we are now in South Africa. We are almost to the Jouberts and well I have been able to connect to the internet with GPRS (amazing... in Africa no less). The signal is coming and going but it seems to be staying connected. We'll see if it lasts until I get this posted.

We have traveled 1168 KM's so far today... and by the time we reach Jouberts it will be about 1250 or so. It's been a LONG day... and it is late... but it hasn't been too bad of a trip. Can't wait to see our friends! YAH!

Well... I better hang on... Pete is driving fast and it is dark! YIKES... hope he has his eyes peeled for Kudu!

Take Care,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Going away to South Africa!

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would let you know that we are going away to South Africa for a break. The kids have 2 weeks holidays from school... so we are going to run away for a while! We will travel to see the Joubert Family in East Somerset. They are the ones we worked with in Angola at Agro-Sul Farm! We are very excited to see Stauss, Sanette, Evert, Johan and Niel. Hopefully we will be well rested when we get back.

I'm sure I will post pictures when I get back or somewhere along the way (if my internet works across the border!!!

South Africa here we come.

Last of the Braai pic's at the River Bed... that has NO water!

This is Helen (our new Volunteer Coordinator)... she wasn't very cooperative with getting pictures taken of her... so i got one of the back of her head... and I promised to BLOG it! I am sure she will make some kind of nasty comment about me... but that's ok. We were thrilled that she joined us for the day... she's fun to have around!

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More Braai pictures

Alfonso is staying with us for a month (although we are going away for 2 weeks)... I think he enjoyed having some "Angolan" company at the Braai!
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The kids...

Tavis and his dog, Precious.... looking like they are in some kind of trouble!
Manda and Precious
Tuuliki... crazy girl!
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