Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Grand Total Correction!

Oops... they counted wrong... well what can we say... that was a LOT of pennies! The new total (at the bank) was $1215.75! Even more exciting! It's nice when a miscount is higher than you expected!


The Penny Drive grand total is...


WOW!!! Thank you Sussex Regional High School for your generous giving!!! You're great!

More updates to come!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Talitha and Sussex Regional High School ROCK!

The numbers are not all in yet, but Talitha's home room raised $202.25 and the teacher matched $200.00. So as of today their class alone raised $402.25! WOW! I am incredibly impressed by the response! Talitha figures there were 20 home room classes that were involved in the fund raiser. Her class is talking about going to Sobey's (a grocery store) and bagging groceries by donation, and they were discussing having a bake sale! The money from this fund raiser will go toward the Care and Compassion project... and if we get too much (:0)) we will put some toward Sateco's education!

I just want to say THANK YOU to those of you at Sussex Regional High School who have gotten involved in a cause that is well worth your while! You guys are GREAT!

We'll keep you posted on the final results... but we are pretty excited at the first part of the results!

Just had to share... keep watching for the final tally!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Picasa Site to check out...

Here is a great site to have a look at pictures of our ministry here in Okahandja.

Claudia was a volunteer here for just over a month! She has some great photos of her time here in Namibia! She is a very passionate gal from Germany who came and served with Ark Okahandja and we appreciated having her here!


Check out the Picasa website for pictures

New photos added at

Prices on Sewing Machines

I made it into Windhoek the day before yesterday and managed to get to a store that has some sewing machines. Here are the prices in Canadian dollars for decent machines (not top of the line Bernina or anything like that but machines that will get the job done).

For a 36 stitch machine $187.00
For a Basic Electric $147.00
For a Serger $235.00
For a Hand Crank Singer $85.00

To begin with I would like to have the 36 stitch sewing machine and a serger… and I think the Hand Crank machines are the best thing to train the ladies from 5 Rand on. Only because if they would like to start a sewing business from their home one day a non-electric machine would be the only way to go! Of course, I will have to get coordinated and figure out how to use it myself… HA!

If you can help with this project in anyway, please send an email to and let us know how you would like to be a part!

God Bless,

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Update on Current Projects!

We have given you two opportunites to join in what we are doing here in Namibia in the PROJECT PROPOSALS post! I am just going to briefly describe them again.

Sateco is a young man from Angola who has a desire to go to University. He was accepted last year in the Engineering program but due to lack of funding was unable to attend. For a little more than $1000 Canadian he could be sent to university for ONE year... if 10 people were to give it would come to $114 per person... we have had 2 people respond so far... 8 more and Sateco goes to University to begin the process of getting his degree in Engineering.

Care & Compassion (C&C) is a ministry here in Namibia with Christ's Hope International ( It is ministering to the spiritual as well as physical needs of those suffering with HIV/AIDS. I have started a Beading Project to help generate funds for this ministry and now I would like to expand to Sewing! I would like to raise $2000 Canadian for sewing machines, material, notions, and all the other needed supplies to get things off the ground. An investment in this project will be a long term investment (the gift that keeps on giving) as we will be creating products to sell, which will continually generating the much needed funds to help those in the community who need it most, as well as generate income for those creating the products. When a product is sold 33% goes to C&C, 33% goes to the person who made it, and 34% goes back into restocking and expansion.

I would encourage you to get your friends (your work, your school, your old folks home, your church, etc) involved in reaching out! We will keep you updated on the progress!

God Bless,
Charlene, Pete and the rest of the Knightly gang!

Penny Drive at Talitha's School

Talitha was very excited to tell me last night that her class decided to do a Penny Drive for the Care and Compassion project. In the process the WHOLE school got involved. They will collect 'pennies' until NEXT Friday and then we will let you know what they raise for this project! Her class agreed to even raffle off the prize (I think she said it was a sub) and give the money to the C&C project! I am excited as well at the school's involvement in the life of Talitha and her crazy family in Namibia!

I also sent some jewelry back with a young man who was going to Canada... he mailed it to Talitha and she pretty much has it all sold (sight unseen)... now I wish I had sent more! There's always next time!

Just keeping you up-to-date!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Getting settled in

It sure is nice to have a space to organize things better!
Pete patiently (HAR HAR) for us to finish what we are doing!
Working on a necklace!
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Meagan makes a new sign for our office door

I brought all my stock over to the MPMC... a lot of the supplies I purchased or were donated when I went back to Canada in December/January... it was a great start for us here in Okahandja. We are lacking in beading needles (but have some coming the end of November), beading looms, bead spinners and we would like to expand to sewing as soon as it is possible.
Some of our finished product to send back to the USA and Europe. I am very excited with the hard work these ladies have been putting into this project and I am always encouraged when there are sales as it generates MUCH NEEDED funds for Care and Compassion as well as for the people making the product! I am excited with the potential... and remember we are still in the pilot stage so we are not always getting it right. We continue to adapt and learn!
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