Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lastest News on the Knightly's

Hi everyone,

We (Meagan, Trevor, Tavis and myself) made it back to NB early this morning at 5AM! We drove from North Bay Ontario all the way (as we were getting sick of being in a car and decided to just hold on until we arrived at our final destination rather than take another motel). SO here we are! I did manage to sleep until noon, but the boys stayed up and enjoyed playing all over the place, Trevor even caught a fish (around 7AM). It may take the rest of us a few days to recover!

Pete has remained out west (in Ft. St. John)... he has found work that starts on the 25th of the month. He will be learning to drive a big rig (get his class one driving license). We'll see how long we will all last with dad being away (and how long dad will last with being away from us). Right now it makes sense to be west as the jobs back here do not pay as much and one of the reasons to be home is to make some money to take back to Namibia and get something done. It takes money to get anything done and when you don't have enough you feel as though your hands are tied.

This next week I will be working on getting house insurance, medical coverage, hydro, Internet, and the kids registered for school... on Friday (the possession date for the house) we will move in and get our 'home' ready for living in. We will pray that Pete gets working soon so that we can pay all the bills that will come due in September. It seems a bit overwhelming at the moment, but GOD has been faithful to now, why do we doubt that he will continue to be faithful?!?!

We'll keep you posted on our journey... this time the journey to adjusting back to 'civilization'! It's not easy... but all things are possible with GOD!


Urgent Request

Hi everyone,

For those of you who took an interest in Sateco's education, and those of you who would like to help... Sateco cannot complete this year if more money doesn't come in. There is a couple who have assessed the need for Sateco (including books, food, and other necessities) and if you are interested in helping them put Sateco through university please contact us and we will put you in touch with them ( Sateco is about to give up and go back to Angola, we would hate to see this be a wasted year for him, sadly only enough came in for half of his first year.

Please pray about this and if you feel that God is calling you to help one young man through his engineering degree send us an email!


Friday, August 08, 2008

On the road again...

Currently; Meagan, Trevor, Tavis and myself are in Calgary visiting with our friends the Langley's. Pete has gone to Ft. St. John to find work with a trucking company so that he can learn to drive and get his Class 1. Talitha stayed behind in Kamloops and will head to Yellowknife at the end of the month.

We left Kamloops around 1PM and arrived here in Calgary at almost 11PM (almost midnight here)... we stopped to take pictures of the Welcome to BC sign and the Welcome to Alberta sign... we are going to try to get every sign across Canada this time around! I slept in until almost noon on Wednesday, I guess that is what my body needed.

Today I have to get new front tires on the van, and possibly shocks. Other than that the van is running very well, considering it has almost 360,000 km's on it. We'll have to pray that it makes it through to the end of the trip as well as the end of the year :o) I did accidently leave the cooler plugged in on Tuesday night and when I got up on Wednesday morning the battery was dead... but Sean managed to come home for lunch and boost me.

Well, I just wanted to update everyone on our whereabouts, and we'll keep in contact on our way through so you don't have to wonder if we are in a ditch somewhere :o) we have about 4000km's more to go... that should be FUN?!

Take care,

At Red Lake

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Goodbye Kamloops!

Goodbye Kamloops!
Well... there have been more twists and turns in our lives than we can handle (ok we can handle it because God gives us the strength... but...). We are planning a family day tomorrow (thanks to some friends)... thank you to those of you who have had us for meals, taken us out for meals, joined us at the park, popped in for a visit, etc. It was a blessing to be able to connect with old friends! A very special THANK YOU to Jason and Lorena and children for letting us stay in their 3 bedroom home with them... for feeding us... letting us do mountains of laundry... and everything else! May God richly bless you for your generous hospitality!

Talitha will stay in Kamloops and then go to Yellowknife at the end of August to live with a friend of ours who is going for work (she will find a job and be available to stay with our friend's 14 year old daughter when our friend goes out of town for work).

Pete will go to Ft. St. John (two of his brothers are living there) and will hopefully get on as a swamper and learn to drive truck at the same time (he has been in contact with a couple of companies and it is looking hopeful). He got his air brakes and class one learners while here in Kamloops and hopes to get his class one license as soon as possible. So needless to say we will all be split up again, and so tomorrow we will hopefully enjoy the day together before going our separate ways.

Meagan, Trevor, Tavis and I will drive back to New Brunswick on Wednesday. The closing date on our house will be August 22 and that is coming up quickly. I will need to be back in time to get all the papers signed and the kids registered for the school year.

We would all appreciate your PRAYERS as we head out on a NEW journey. God has made us very flexible people and we appreciate that He has made us that way. It is not easy to embark on adventures like this all the time, but God continues to give us the strength that we need to make it through! I must say though that I (personally) am very tired, not only from the whole adjustment to North America, but from eating WAY TOO much, visiting a lot, running around, traveling, etc... I look forward to getting moved into our new house and getting the kids into school and settling into a church and making friends!

WE want to say THANK YOU to those of you who have helped us financially along the way... this trip would not have been possible without you (you know who you are)... we are very blessed! So THANK YOU!Well, I will sign off for now, it's almost 2 AM and I can't sleep... tired but can't sleep... that doesn't help anything does it?!?!