Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Winter... will it ever end?

Hey everyone,

It’s February and the snow is falling from the sky. I’ve never been a big fan of winter, but this is really getting depressing. I wonder why everyone wanted to leave the comforts of Europe to settle in a land of endless winter? I guess for some it wasn’t much of a change when you consider that a lot of Europe indeed does experience WINTER as well. The hope of a new world, a fresh start must have been what fuelled the desire to set out on a journey that would see many lose their lives. What dedication they had. Many of them had a strong and unwavering faith in God as well which I’m sure would have sustained them through the dark times.

This brings to me my life. Here I am on the East Coast of Canada longing to set off again into the world of the unknown, to get a fresh start. It’s not that life is SO bad back here that I have to move on, but the appeal for change and experiencing some adventure drives me to move west again into a world of colour and variety. There is an element that I greatly miss living here and that is cultural variance. It’s difficult to walk around town and only see white faces, it may not be that way for some, but it sure is for me. I need a splash of colour in my life… variety! Variety IS indeed the spice of life!!!

So as I search numerous websites trying to find a place to live, a possible job, a church, a good school for the boys, a town with a Costco and someone who gives ART (Active Release Technique)… I am filled with hope that soon I will have my fresh start and even though it may not be easy I will be delighted to have a piece of me fulfilled that has been neglected for 2 1/2 years now. I am looking at Medicine Hat at the moment, sure that could change, but for now that is where I am concentrating my efforts on. So as summer arrives here on the East Coast… the thought of summer in a new place will be what brings joy to my heart. Currently buried under 5 feet of snow I am having difficulty fanning the spark of hope… but it’s there… it’s coming… there is anticipation and it’s growing!

These are my thoughts for today… I have no idea if anyone even reads them, but that’s fine… it’s my journal of life as it ticks by!



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update 2011

Dear Friends,

After leaving Namibia in 2008 we had been thinking that we would return after a year. When we arrived back in Canada our children were all put back a year in school (much to our disappointment) and so it meant that it would be 2 years before Meagan would graduate rather than 1. In that 2 years it was decided that we would just remain in Canada until the boys finished school as well.

Over the course of this (almost) three years, Pete has worked west, back here at home for a bit and then returning to the west. Sadly this is not ideal. Sure housing is WAY cheaper back east but having the family all over Canada is not ideal. So we are hoping and praying that we will be moving the family WEST this summer.

Meagan graduated in June and she left a week later to go live and work in Ft. McMurray Alberta. Talitha was also working there at the time. Talitha has since moved to Kamloops where she was married in December to Dennis Murengi. The boys are in grades 10 and 9. I have been working hard at making crafts to sell to hopefully help Meagan reach her goal of attending a midwifery school in The Philippines.

In the 3 years I have been through a lot of illnesses and pain. I was diagnosed with 2 bulged discs in my back that made is very difficult for me to get around... I was in a LOT of pain. Thankfully after my MRI and CT Scan I went to visit Jason Driscoll at Somatic Therapy in town... he does Active Release Technique (ART) and he fixed me up better than I've ever been! A real miracle! :) Aside from all the other infections and 'woman' issues I had in October I was struck with Mono! :( Not the best thing when you are trying to help your daughter prepare for her wedding from 5000km away! :/ However, we made it through and the day was a success!

What does 2011 bring us? Well... we can never be sure... but we hope it brings us moving west! We also hope that we will sell our house quickly and for a bit of a profit! I also hope that this year bring spiritual renewal for our family... and a heap of JOY! :)

We thank all those of you who have been following our progress and keeping in touch.

Talitha Got Married!!!

This has been a busy year, but the ending was the best. Talitha got married to Dennis Murengi. After a small but beautiful wedding and reception Talitha became Talitha Murengi! We are so happy for her and pleased that she and Dennis have done all they could to prepare and ready themselves for marriage. They make us proud! I'll post some pictures when I get them :)