Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy New Year!

Christmas was wonderful. We had a great time with friends and family. Pete's parents arrived in the afternoon on the 24th. I picked up Telo (a great friend, college student from Zambia), and we all headed off in the evening for the Christmas Eve service. What a great time of singing and listening to the great story of the arrival of King Jesus. Telo stayed with us until Sunday! We sure enjoyed having her for Christmas! After the service we came home and the kids and Telo opened the traditional Christmas Eve PJ's, after some games, puzzles, and devotions we headed to bed! Telo received a call from an uncle in England at 4:15 AM which set the girls in motion to get up and start Christmas! So we all dragged ourselves out of bed at around 4:45 AM had some breakfast, tried to look alive, and proceeded to read the Christmas story. We all took turns opening gifts. We were all really blessed. It was a nice relaxing day, with Christmas dinner at around 11 AM, it felt like supper with how early we had gotten up! Sunday morning service was excellent, Zach preached on Counting our Blessings! We have had innumerable blessings to count this year, God has been so good to us!

Next week we'll have to get back into the groove of getting ready to go to Africa... until then, I am going to take it easy! New Years Eve we have a potluck at the church... that will be a lot of fun! I look forward to spending time with our church family... since now we have 5 weeks left to go! Saturday Pete's brothers Mark, and Paul (Erika) are coming down from Ft. St. John for a visit and to pick up one of our cars! His brother Steve (Patti) is coming from Vernon for the day. Ron and Marge are heading home on Thursday, wish they could stay for the mini family reunion, but they would like to get home! So it should be a fun and exciting weekend.

The house is on the market now. We haven't had any lookers yet... but we expect that after Christmas it will get busy... busy market in Kamloops these days! We'll let you know when it sells! We'll have an open house and everyone that comes gets to take something home... HA!!! Fish, cat, chairs, who knows what will be available!

Well... we hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take care, and God Bless...
Charlene (for the rest of the gang)

PS... notice the time (always the insomniac)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
and a Happy New Year!

We have slowed down for this week! Time for a break! Time to reflect on what this season is really all about, the birth of a King! It is always a dilemma for us each year, how do we celebrate the birth of Jesus. What is the real meaning and what can we do to celebrate that isn't taking the glory from Him? It is so easy to get caught up in the commercial aspect and totally forget about WHY and WHOM we are actually celebrating. This year is going to be different for us in that we have gotten rid of a lot of our STUFF and there is more to go, so why would we buy more... We are planning a move to Angola... We have a lot to do to get ready!!! However I had to stop and pause for a minute and realize that in my busyness I have neglected to reflect on the reason for this season.

I think for our family this year is going to be a time to reflect on the blessing and the gifts that God has given us and to be truly thankful, not only for the gift but for the giver! There is nothing we can give to God, He is always the giver which makes us always the receiver... So thank Him, worship Him, obey Him, glorify Him, love Him, adore Him and serve Him!

What are we thankful for? We are thankful for salvation, the Bible at our fingertips, family, friends, supporters, a fantastic church body to be a member of, our call to service in Angola, health, our needs are supplied, the opportunities to bless others, unity in our marriage, great kids with a major sense of adventure, and a passion and love for orphans! There are many other things... I could list all day!

Our hope for you is that you also find meaning in this CHRISTmas season, and that you will find the peace and joy in your heart and mind! For those of you in Kamloops who don't attend a church, you are welcome to join us on Christmas Eve for a time of celebration and reflection on the birth of our Saviour at a special Christmas Eve Candlelight Service... Friday, December 24 @ 6PM! We hope you can join us! Hillcrest Baptist Church 1393-9th Ave!

God Bless and have a wonderful Christmas!
The Knightly Family!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Knightly News Update!

Knightly News Update!
Knight Vision

On the road to Angola Africa...

Here are some ways you can help!


Prayer is the most important part of the ministry. Through prayer you have the privilege of helping those in places you cannot be.

Here are some options for prayer support:

Weekly prayer partner:

(We are looking for those who would choose a specific day of the week that we can know that you are praying for us)

Daily prayer partners:

(those who chose to pray daily for our family and the ministry)

If you have decided you will pray for us please fill out the pledge form, and know that we will be praying for you too!


There are several areas in which you can participate financially. All donations can be sent to Hillcrest Baptist Church, designated: Hillcrest Mission Fund (Pete & Charlene Knightly), if you require a receipt.

Airplane Tickets:

When the time comes to travel to Angola we will be looking at somewhere in the vicinity of $12,000 for plane fares to Africa. These will be one way fares.

Goal: $12,000 CAD

Shipping Container:

We are looking into shipping a pick-up truck, supplies for the farm, along with some household supplies (mattresses/ dishes/etc) in a shipping container. The cost for this will depend on the size we chose to send. If there are lots of donations made for the farm we will probably opt for the 40' container (the difference between the 20' & 40' is $1,500 US)

Goal: $6,500 US


Our target monthly support for living in Namibe, Angola is $2000CAD.

This covers:




*Vehicle/Medical/Ministry Expenses


(any excess funds that come to us personally will be directed to the orphanage project)

Orphanage Fund:

We do not have a set goal for this, but those who wish to contribute in large quantities can do so to the Hillcrest Mission Fund/designated for the (UIEA)Orphanage.

Crew-Cab Pickup:

We will be looking at raising the funds to purchase a diesel 4x4 off-road pickup suitable for the farm.

Country & UIEA Profile

Churches have multiplied in Angola despite (or perhaps due to ) forty years of devastating warfare. When a village was attacked the people scattered, and wherever believers settled they started new churches. The Union of Evangelical Churches of Angola (UIEA) grew out of AEF's ministry in 1914. Their desire is to see the church grow strong, relieve human suffering and evangelize unreached peoples. The church has set their priority for the next few years as urban church planting/discipleship, medical work, education and orphanage. We seek to partner with the UIEA in this effort.

Church leaders are being trained at the Menongue Bible Institute (practical ministry training) and the Lubango Theological Seminary (college-level education). Graduates of these two schools serve churches throughout the nation. Meeting human need takes three primary forms: medical care, agricultural development (which will go hand in hand with the orphanage project) and relief work. The deprivations of war and the proliferation of land mines have produced an endless need for medical ministry. Missionaries who offer agricultural assistance in unreached areas gain a ready hearing for their message of God's love. We will be working together with the church and SIM missionaries on the farm, in Christ's name, to bring stability and faith to the returning war refugees who have suffered so much.

Contact Information:

Hillcrest Baptist Church

1393-9th Avenue

Kamloops, BC V2C-3X6

(250) 372-2021


As a part of the KNIGHT VISION TEAM! I would like to:

Pray Daily

Weekly, every, Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat

Give One Time gift $____________________

Monthly support$____________________

Yearly support $____________________

Please make cheques payable to: Hillcrest Baptist Church

Designated: Hillcrest Mission Fund/

Pete & Charlene Knightly

Receive "Knightly News” Regular up-dates on the work in Angola!

Via snail-mail: _____________________________________

Via e-mail: ________________________________________

Feel Free to forward or photocopy and give to friends or relatives that are interested!

The Atlantic Ocean (Namibe, Angola)

beach scene Posted by Hello

Giraffe on the way to Angola

Knightly News Update

Tomorrow is our 17th Anniversary! Can you believe it? We are amazed by the grace of God in keeping us together all these years. This has been the most wonderful year of all. A year of growth together. We are really looking forward to how we can serve the Lord in Angola, in caring for and loving the little ones into His kingdom. Please keep us in your prayers!

God Bless,

Mango's Mango's and More Mango's!!!

Pete's first Angolan Sunset

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Six Weeks To Go!!!

Here we are with six weeks to go! Wow where does the time go? Time sure does fly by! Well, what have we done in the couple of weeks since our last update? Quite a lot actually. It has been a busy household. Pete's parents were supposed to head down here to Kamloops to help paint, but the weather socked (they were flying in their little Cessna) them in at Ft. St. John (that was a good thing, as they were able to help Pete's brother Mark pack and clean up, as they had just sold their house). So last Tuesday I went out and picked up the paint, and on Wednesday I began painting the house.

In five days I finished the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, boys room, computer, and Pete did the stairway to the basement. Pete's mom and dad arrived on Saturday afternoon. We took a break for Sunday. Then Monday was back to work, Pete's mom and dad painted the family room, while Pete filled some big holes in the wall. Trevor helped by pulling nails, and unscrewing the plug and light plates. On Tuesday I painted Meagan's room downstairs, and touched up some other spots in the suite. We spent the rest of the time cleaning up and starting to pack up some of the clothes and other things that will go to Angola in a shipping container. We have kept very busy fixing things and packing things.

Pete's parents left for home on Thursday morning, they will be driving back here for Christmas. Thursday evening we had the real estate agent over and we listed the house. He came today with the sign and the lock box. So we'll wait and see how long that will take. Tonight we went to a fantastic open house at our church. It was nicely decorated, lots of goodies, great singing, and the telling the Christmas story. One more week until Christmas, and we will spend a quiet one here at home with Pete's parents.

I am still awaiting our work contract (job description) from Angola. We are hoping it doesn't take too long. I may just send in all the information that we do have to the Angolan Embassy in Canada. We are going to have to go in on a visitor visa to start anyway. We'll have to work these things out in the next week!

So there is our update from the events of the last couple weeks. A friend introduced me to this blog thing and it may be a good way to keep in touch. Those of you who are interested can check it often and I can update you regularly, and the kids can post messages too! We'll see how it works.

Take Care and God Bless,
Charlene for the rest of the gang

On the ROAD (???) to Agro Sul

Baobab Trees