Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy New Year!

Christmas was wonderful. We had a great time with friends and family. Pete's parents arrived in the afternoon on the 24th. I picked up Telo (a great friend, college student from Zambia), and we all headed off in the evening for the Christmas Eve service. What a great time of singing and listening to the great story of the arrival of King Jesus. Telo stayed with us until Sunday! We sure enjoyed having her for Christmas! After the service we came home and the kids and Telo opened the traditional Christmas Eve PJ's, after some games, puzzles, and devotions we headed to bed! Telo received a call from an uncle in England at 4:15 AM which set the girls in motion to get up and start Christmas! So we all dragged ourselves out of bed at around 4:45 AM had some breakfast, tried to look alive, and proceeded to read the Christmas story. We all took turns opening gifts. We were all really blessed. It was a nice relaxing day, with Christmas dinner at around 11 AM, it felt like supper with how early we had gotten up! Sunday morning service was excellent, Zach preached on Counting our Blessings! We have had innumerable blessings to count this year, God has been so good to us!

Next week we'll have to get back into the groove of getting ready to go to Africa... until then, I am going to take it easy! New Years Eve we have a potluck at the church... that will be a lot of fun! I look forward to spending time with our church family... since now we have 5 weeks left to go! Saturday Pete's brothers Mark, and Paul (Erika) are coming down from Ft. St. John for a visit and to pick up one of our cars! His brother Steve (Patti) is coming from Vernon for the day. Ron and Marge are heading home on Thursday, wish they could stay for the mini family reunion, but they would like to get home! So it should be a fun and exciting weekend.

The house is on the market now. We haven't had any lookers yet... but we expect that after Christmas it will get busy... busy market in Kamloops these days! We'll let you know when it sells! We'll have an open house and everyone that comes gets to take something home... HA!!! Fish, cat, chairs, who knows what will be available!

Well... we hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take care, and God Bless...
Charlene (for the rest of the gang)

PS... notice the time (always the insomniac)

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