Saturday, December 18, 2004

Six Weeks To Go!!!

Here we are with six weeks to go! Wow where does the time go? Time sure does fly by! Well, what have we done in the couple of weeks since our last update? Quite a lot actually. It has been a busy household. Pete's parents were supposed to head down here to Kamloops to help paint, but the weather socked (they were flying in their little Cessna) them in at Ft. St. John (that was a good thing, as they were able to help Pete's brother Mark pack and clean up, as they had just sold their house). So last Tuesday I went out and picked up the paint, and on Wednesday I began painting the house.

In five days I finished the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, boys room, computer, and Pete did the stairway to the basement. Pete's mom and dad arrived on Saturday afternoon. We took a break for Sunday. Then Monday was back to work, Pete's mom and dad painted the family room, while Pete filled some big holes in the wall. Trevor helped by pulling nails, and unscrewing the plug and light plates. On Tuesday I painted Meagan's room downstairs, and touched up some other spots in the suite. We spent the rest of the time cleaning up and starting to pack up some of the clothes and other things that will go to Angola in a shipping container. We have kept very busy fixing things and packing things.

Pete's parents left for home on Thursday morning, they will be driving back here for Christmas. Thursday evening we had the real estate agent over and we listed the house. He came today with the sign and the lock box. So we'll wait and see how long that will take. Tonight we went to a fantastic open house at our church. It was nicely decorated, lots of goodies, great singing, and the telling the Christmas story. One more week until Christmas, and we will spend a quiet one here at home with Pete's parents.

I am still awaiting our work contract (job description) from Angola. We are hoping it doesn't take too long. I may just send in all the information that we do have to the Angolan Embassy in Canada. We are going to have to go in on a visitor visa to start anyway. We'll have to work these things out in the next week!

So there is our update from the events of the last couple weeks. A friend introduced me to this blog thing and it may be a good way to keep in touch. Those of you who are interested can check it often and I can update you regularly, and the kids can post messages too! We'll see how it works.

Take Care and God Bless,
Charlene for the rest of the gang


gerri said...

Very cool......I am hoping to figure this out so I can use it!

gerri said...

PS I met your friend Angela, who organized your dinner/auction night a while ago. She and her hubby were at our Christmas Banquet at Church tonight. Beautiful lady (and funny)!