Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last of the Okahandja Air Show pictures


The 200 + km/hr Jet!

More Spectators... catching some shade from the HOT HOT sun!
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More Okahandja Air Show

Beading between flights!
The Ark kids arrive with Uncle Lazarus and Auntie Leila... NONE of them had ever seen anything like THIS! One of the little ones asked me, "Auntie, are there little people flying those planes?"... it was hard to keep a straight face to give the answer!

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Okahandja Air Show... no really!

Ooops a bit of a crash... poor Barbie was flying this plane... hope she is ok!
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Okahandja Air Show

They are some serious remote controlled pilots! Nice trailer!

Barbie has been flying too fast I think... look at her hair!
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Okahandja Air Show... :-)

This JET costs almost N$60,000 which translates into just under Ten Thousand Canadian dollars.... a bit more than a hobby I am thinking!!!
Trevor is extremely interested in becoming a pilot when he grows up... he had a great time asking all kinds of questions. He would LOVE to have one of these babies.... guess he is going to have to save up for the next 20 years!!!! :-) Even a basic plane is costing about N$5000 (for everything included)... which comes to about $700 Canadian. Ouch!

Dreeeeaaam... Dream Dream Dream... Dreeeeeaaam! I feel a song coming on!
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Great News...

For those of you in Canada who are wanting TAX RECEIPTS for donating to the Knightly Family... I have some GREAT NEWS!!!! The Canadian office of Christ's Hope International is "expecting" to have their office ready for receipting by the end of NEXT WEEK! PRAISE THE LORD! We are not sure on all the details but I will update you as I know what is going on. The Canadian director, Eric, is located in Windsor Ontario (Canadian National Office 432 Lincoln Rd, Windsor, ON, Canada 519-258-9373). If you would like more details directly from him you can give him a call. Apart from CHI he works a full time job so please be patient when awaiting a reply (as you will most likely have to leave a message for a returned call). Please continue to pray that all of the details will be sorted out and things will be underway for receipting our Canadian donors.

Thank you to those of you who have given without a receipt.. especially for your patience and sacrifice... may God richly bless you as you have blessed us!!!

We'll be in touch.
God Bless,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beading Day

Today we had a chance to bead with the ladies from the Care and Compassion program, Meagan came along to help and Jenny also gave a hand. They are from 5 Rand and go to Bible study every Monday and Wednesday. We decided to involve some of them in the project. They loved coming and would like to come to the MPMC every Tuesday and Thursday. It was exciting to see how thrilled they were with their work. I am going to have to learn Oshiwambo though... this is a must! I thought we would get together for about 2 hours and we ended up beading for 5 hours!!!! They didn't want to leave. I told them for future times we would have to only be ther for 4 hours as there is Kid's Club that follows. I am looking forward to spending more time with these ladies and getting to know them better.
That's it for now... just wanted to let you know how my day went!

More beading fun!

Meme Olivia was the FIRST to finish... and she was proud of her work!
Meme Regina was also very happy with her first necklace!
I even had a chance to work!
A quiet spectator!
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More Beading Ladies

Meme Helena
Jenny (still beading)
Rachel (Care and Compassion worker)
Kapango (the new Care and Compassion leader)
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Beading Ladies

Meme Olivia
Meme Regina
Meme Hilda
Meme Martha
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Care & Compassion Beading Day

Setting up for a day of beading!

Eager new learners!

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Helen our Volunteer Coordinator

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just hangin out together

Isn't that sweet... the boys were watching a movie together and Pete happened to notice that they were laying like this... he commented that he and his brothers would NEVER have sat anywhere that close to each other to do anything!!!! They don't ALWAYS get along like this, so I thought I would get a picture!
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Bought Neckforms

I purchased two neckforms for displaying jewelry that we make here in Okahandja. This way I can take some pictures of what we are producing and perhaps do up a catalogue or something, in case people would like to order. Both of these necklaces were made by Ndemufayo!
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