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Knightly News August 2007

Ark Okahandja
This month marked the end of a school term and so the kids had exams. They have exams 3 times a year (its actually kind of ridiculous, starting in grade 5). Several of the kids went away to extended family for holidays, they enjoyed their time away.
Lazarus and Leila are expecting another baby (I know they just had a girl early this year… it was a surprise).
It was a busy month for volunteers coming and going in the month of August... we had a lady and her son from Holland, Bob and Ania from England left at the beginning of the month, Mari from Japan had 2 of her friends join her, Claudia from Germany came for a month and now 2 more girls from Germany have arrived, one for 3 months, and the other for 1 year. Mari and Claudia will leave the middle of September. Violet is still with us (she is from Botswana).
While we were away they held a large Kids Club in 5 Rand. On the first and last day of the Club they had 200 kids! They had stories, dramas, games, crafts, etc for the kids during the holiday week! They seemed to really enjoy their time (both the workers and the children).
There was a Choose to Wait conference at the beginning of the month, Pelgrina, and Violet helped with preparations and during the conference.
Kapango did Care and Compassion while we were gone (Rachel was also away). She was nervous at first but ended up having a great time. She learned something new about herself… she can do the Bible study without Pete or Rachel there! She was very excited about that.
Ndemufayo managed to get away for 3 days (not nearly long enough) and she made a lot of jewelry to sell.

Trip to South Africa
Our trip to South Africa was a restful enjoyable time with friends and our family! The 40 hours traveling time (there and back) wasn’t so much fun, but all things considered I think that went very well too!
We visited the Jouberts (whom we worked with in Angola), stayed at a historical house on the Indian ocean, visited Addo Elephant park, went to an aquarium/museum/snake park, went to McDonalds, relaxed, read, beaded, only had to pay one night accommodation the whole trip, and had a good time together!
God is an amazing provider, and not only did he provide the time of rest, but the finances to get there and back! He is good… all the time!

Pete’s Ministry
Pete continued with his Bible study time at the Ark for the staff in the mornings. They seem to have enjoyed the book that he is going through.
He continues to help and support with the ministry of Care and Compassion. Many of the C&C patients have become ill with TB. Apparently the rate (per capita) of Tuberculosis in Namibia is the highest in the world! Imagine that! One of the patients passed away while we were gone to South Africa. She was a new patient and they did have an opportunity to share the gospel with her before she died, we pray that she accepted Christ.
Before we left Pete helped the Ark plan a fun day at the river for the kids (in celebration of a couple of weeks of holiday from school). The kids had a great time playing and eating!
There was a Choose to Wait conference held in Okahandja at the International center and Pete also helped with organizing some of those details. There were 25 participants from all over Namibia (and a missionary couple living in Angola were also able to attend).
He managed to iron out some of the finances with the Ark… getting new signatories on the Ark account, having a board meeting and things like that. We are pleased with the direction of our new director (de-centralizing again is making our job a lot easier).
He also went to represent the Ark at an event where some women who won the Space Race 2007-Kalahari Desert donated N$18,000 to Ark Okahandja, his picture is the Space magazine (Namibia’s own monthly) this month!

Jenny Update
Jenny is still working for us here at the house, but I have to share some things that I find exciting about Jenny! First of all last month she had both of her children dedicated at church. She plans to be baptized this month. Secondly, a couple of good friends of our decided to sponsor a beading kit for Jenny… WOW! I was able to purchase A LOT of stuff for her to get started on her own beading business! She also had the availability of a space at the wood carver market here in Okahandja, and so while we were gone she set up shop! Her mother joined her from the north and tends the business for her while she works for us… and makes product! She has also purchased wood carvings and baskets to sell in her shop!
She is very excited about all the work available to her! She gives all the thanks and glory to God.. And she is also thankful to the couple who made it possible for her to get something started on her own which helps her to provide for her family!

The Knightly Kids
Talitha (our 18 year old) is back in New Brunswick living with my parents (Carroll and Cathy Hill). She is hesitant about starting all over again at a new school in a new town! She is already on the yearbook committee (even before starting school), and is looking for a part time job.
Meagan went to a Bible camp with a group from Windhoek. She met lots of new friends, and talked to some people about the possibility of going to school in Windhoek in January (when the new school year begins).
Trevor just turned 13 (Sept. 4) and it seems that he is really growing up! He looks older! He had a good time with his friends in SA. They have a new math teacher at the school and it sounds like he might even enjoy his job!!! He will return to wrestling this week! He is very interested in becoming a pilot someday!
Tavis will turn 12 in October. He also was happy to see his friends in SA. He enjoyed the time exploring at the ocean! He is still crazy about astronomy!

Charlene’s Ministry
This was a busy month before leaving on our holidays.
There were 2 trips to Keetmanshoop (600 km), 1 trip to Rehoboth (200 km), several trips to and from the airport (100 km each way) and printing welcome papers, looking through heaps of information, as well as communicating with people coming or thinking about coming to Namibia! It was busy… very busy… which is why I am so thankful to report that Helen (from International office) took over the position. She is single, enjoys driving and has admin skills… perfect!
As I mention below, I purchased a kit for Keetmanshoop and trained a few of the ladies there to bead jewelry! I also set up a kit at the Ark Okahandja so that they don’t have to come to my house to work!
I try to have the ladies over at least on Fridays or Saturday mornings for beading…. Sometimes both! However last month I basically checked in on those who are beading at the Ark. Ndemufayo and Mari (a volunteer from Japan) are doing a wonderful job, creating new designs and working hard making lots of product to restock our supplies. The Dutch team that came took all of what we had on hand, and they are going to sell them for us in Holland. When I returned from SA I found that Kapango (C&C worker) had also made some necklaces and earrings.
I am also the Prayer Coordinator for Namibia, so once a month I collect, compile and edit the Prayer and Praise report for Namibia.
I also enjoy visiting at the Ark, the kids are always generous with hugs and kisses. Upon arriving at the ark I am generally met by Donavan, Tuuliki, Selma and Emily! Emily always asks if Uncle Pete gave her greetings to me when I wasn’t there… he always forgets, so that usually makes her go and lecture Uncle Pete!
I was also able to help some of the missionaries from Angola during the month of August. The Goertzen family (friends from Kamloops) arrived and are in Angola with MAF, we took their kids to our house, and I went in and helped them get around to do some shopping. The McBeth’s were down for visa renewals, and I helped to arrange some things for them. One of the Holden’s sons fell while hiking and I was able to make some phone calls and emails for them, as he ended up in J’burg. The Ritchie family was returning to Canada on furlough (took them to the airport).

A Visitor from Angola
Afonso arrived about a week before we left for holidays. He is a friend of one of our missionary friends in Angola. He was supposed to come for the month of September but his holiday time was changed. He works for the UIEA church that we ministered with in Angola.
He has come to our house to learn a little about Canadian culture (hey stop that… I know what you are all thinking) and more English!
He took over Trevor’s room and bed, so Trevor is sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the living room… he doesn’t mind! We tried to introduce him to as many people as we had time to before we left. While we were gone for the two weeks he tagged along with the Care and Compassion team, Kids Club (in 5 Rand) and spent time at the Ark. He got very involved and they really appreciated his help (especially at the Kids Club where there were 200 kids on 2 of the 5 days)!
He will leave us on the 10th of September! It was great having him with us, we were just sorry that we were not here the whole time!

Beading Ministry
Now I need to find a new name for this ministry as it often (when spoken) gets confused with a BEATING ministry! Any ideas?
Anyway, the success of the ministry in Okahandja has prompted the other Arks to get involved also. So in August on one of my trips to Keetmanshoop (600 km’s south of here) I taught Susanna (the C&C coordinator) and some of the C&C patients some of the designs that we make here in Okahandja. With some money that came in for C&C in Keetmans I was able to purchase a kit for them to get started.
On a second trip to Keetmans it happened to be the day that Susanna was introducing the project to the other C&C patients, and so I was able to give them a hand! They seemed very excited about the project.
Here’s how it works…
We have supplies on hand at the Ark, someone creates the jewelry, we sell it to volunteers who come to Namibia and 33% goes to C&C, 33% goes to the one who created it, and 34% goes back into restocking! In Okahandja in about 6 weeks we donated N$1000 for C&C Okahandja! We are excited about where this project will go (hoping to expand into other crafts… such as sewing, knitting, etc), and looking forward to helping other Arks get involved (Rehoboth and Oshikuku).
Please pray for the success of the project!

Prayer and Praise
I am very thankful that Helen Strauss (from International office) took over the position of Volunteer Coordinator! Praise God for this provision!
We give thanks to God for those who hear the voice of God concerning finances… we are grateful to the couple who provided the money for our holiday to South Africa… a huge blessing!
We are also thankful for the time away in South Africa. It was great to see our friends, the Jouberts… and to spend some time at the ocean clearing out my lungs! It was a restful time as well as enjoyable for all! Meagan saw elephants for the first time since coming to Africa… lots of them!
We thank God for Berdian, Juliet and Dante Beukes (our new country director and family). They have been a real blessing and encouragement to us.
Talitha turned 18 on the 18th of August… she is back in NB settling in.
Trevor turned 13 on the 4th of September. Wow… 3 teenagers in our family now!
Please pray for clarity and peace about moving north to Oshikuku! There are a lot of things to take into consideration, please pray that we will know for sure which direction to go!
Please pray for a truck driver and truck to help us with getting our things out of Angola, and lets even pray that it will all be done for free!
Please pray for Talitha as she adjusts to a new school, new town, new church, new surroundings! It is not easy some days, and we would appreciate your prayers for her… you can also email to encourage her at or 506-433-5478 I am sure she would appreciate hearing from you!
Please pray that Meagan will be able to be registered in school in Windhoek, also pray that she will be able to live with a family rather than the hostel. Also pray for funds as there are school fees at all of the schools in Namibia.
Please pray that the Canadian office for CHI will not take too long to get set up and running. They have been approved as a charitable organization, now the details need to be ironed out!
Please pray that we will continue to have faith and trust in GOD when it comes to finances. We have truly been blessed but it is still difficult to ‘keep the faith’ when there is a dry month!

Financial Information
We are in the transition phase with our finances and would appreciate your prayers during this time. Currently we are unable to receipt those who live in Canada (CHI has just been approved as a charitable organization in Canada… it will take some time to work things out… but we hope that things will be ironed out soon!)

For those who desire to support our ministry financially you can do so by
DIRECT DEPOSIT (either through Internet Banking or at the Royal Bank) into our
account or sending cheques to Ron and Marge (Pete’s parents) for details contact:

Ron and Marge Knightly
Box 4, Ft. Steele BC V0B 1N0
Phone:250 426 4782

If you live in the USA you can mail your donation to CH-USA and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. The address is PO Box 52038, Longwood FL, 32752-0328, please include a ‘separate’ paper indicating that your donation is for the
“Knightly Family-Namibia”!
Thank you for your support! We are continually overwhelmed by God’s provision for not only our daily needs but for the ability to help meet the needs of others through the generosity of those who give financially to our ministry here in Namibia. May God richly bless you!

Contact Information
Knightly Family
C/O Christ’s Hope
PO Box 9979
Eros Windhoek

Charlene's Cell 264 81 301 8798
Pete's Cell 264 81 317 4600
Meagan's Cell 264 81 314 6890

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