Thursday, September 20, 2007

Doesn't RAIN but it POURS!

As I look back over the last couple of years I have noticed a cycle... when it rains it pours... not physical rain... but rather TRIALS! Generally it arrives after summer holidays in North America in the form of financial difficulties. Why? You ask? Well mostly because during the summer people are gone on holidays, enjoying the nice weather and spending time with family. August is generally a slow month for financial support and as hard as you try to gauge for it, you just can't. September is catch up month and usually things are back under control come October. However, this year things are a bit different. We have seemed to have one catastrophy after another (financially) and still no funds coming in. I know it is a test of our faith and patience, but it doesn't make it easy to go through! Please don't hear me complaining... just stating a fact of our lives... it isn't always easy, and I guess sometimes I leave that out of the story!!!

In this month we have had trips to the airport, Windhoek and of course our usual ministry traveling around Okahandja... extra company to feed... our car went into the shop for an oil change and came out with 4 new breaks (much needed) and 2 new shocks on order for a whopping total of over $1000 Canadian (thankfully they took Visa!!)... the computer went on the fritz (and I really need it for reports that are due ASAP) another $50 CN... a surprise bill for internet roaming in South Africa (even though things were explained to me MUCH differently) over $100 CN... teeth that NEED to be fixed... medication that needs to be purchased... a delay in our funds coming from the USA (funds that were given to cover our time away last month... OH... just got the print out and well... the amount we were expecting did not come through, now we must wait until next month's transfer YIKES)... and the story just goes on and on.

Last months support was 1/2 of what our budget is... and this month is close to the same (maybe less... but the month isn't over! Praise the Lord!!!). So please pray with us as God continues to work in us... oh that we would have the faith of Abraham... just go and do... no questions asked!

Sometimes the road is not easy... but we know that God is in control and we continue to be faithful to Him who has called us. I know there are some who seem to question our call when things aren't looking so good for us (which is probably why I hesitate to mention things) but we know that things are not always going to be easy (no matter where you live). We just want to be faithful to God and keep looking to Him for our strength. He is good... ALL the time!

Oh... one other thing... please pray for my mother... it seems she broke a rib while she was coughing... I know it sounds strange, but I don't think her bones are very strong and she must have been coughing very hard! Her health has not been the greatest this year, she has been suffering with a lot of different health issues since her heart was repaired a couple of years ago.

Well... time to get some work done, just want to keep you (those who have been following the events of our lives) INFORMED! I can't wait to share how God provides in a future blog! Thanks for your prayers!

Still looking up...


Jim said...

Interesting speculation about the support in August and September. Actually, for us September is the killer month. I always thought everyone was buying back to school supplies! :)

Anyway, I'll pray for you - I'm sure it makes things difficult.

Kelly said...

Hi Charlene and Family, It is good to hear from you and thank you for the kind note. We think about you so often and wonder what it woukd be like if we were back there.

Love from Kelly and Dakotah to all of you guys.