Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lastest News on the Knightly's

Hi everyone,

We (Meagan, Trevor, Tavis and myself) made it back to NB early this morning at 5AM! We drove from North Bay Ontario all the way (as we were getting sick of being in a car and decided to just hold on until we arrived at our final destination rather than take another motel). SO here we are! I did manage to sleep until noon, but the boys stayed up and enjoyed playing all over the place, Trevor even caught a fish (around 7AM). It may take the rest of us a few days to recover!

Pete has remained out west (in Ft. St. John)... he has found work that starts on the 25th of the month. He will be learning to drive a big rig (get his class one driving license). We'll see how long we will all last with dad being away (and how long dad will last with being away from us). Right now it makes sense to be west as the jobs back here do not pay as much and one of the reasons to be home is to make some money to take back to Namibia and get something done. It takes money to get anything done and when you don't have enough you feel as though your hands are tied.

This next week I will be working on getting house insurance, medical coverage, hydro, Internet, and the kids registered for school... on Friday (the possession date for the house) we will move in and get our 'home' ready for living in. We will pray that Pete gets working soon so that we can pay all the bills that will come due in September. It seems a bit overwhelming at the moment, but GOD has been faithful to now, why do we doubt that he will continue to be faithful?!?!

We'll keep you posted on our journey... this time the journey to adjusting back to 'civilization'! It's not easy... but all things are possible with GOD!


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