Friday, August 08, 2008

On the road again...

Currently; Meagan, Trevor, Tavis and myself are in Calgary visiting with our friends the Langley's. Pete has gone to Ft. St. John to find work with a trucking company so that he can learn to drive and get his Class 1. Talitha stayed behind in Kamloops and will head to Yellowknife at the end of the month.

We left Kamloops around 1PM and arrived here in Calgary at almost 11PM (almost midnight here)... we stopped to take pictures of the Welcome to BC sign and the Welcome to Alberta sign... we are going to try to get every sign across Canada this time around! I slept in until almost noon on Wednesday, I guess that is what my body needed.

Today I have to get new front tires on the van, and possibly shocks. Other than that the van is running very well, considering it has almost 360,000 km's on it. We'll have to pray that it makes it through to the end of the trip as well as the end of the year :o) I did accidently leave the cooler plugged in on Tuesday night and when I got up on Wednesday morning the battery was dead... but Sean managed to come home for lunch and boost me.

Well, I just wanted to update everyone on our whereabouts, and we'll keep in contact on our way through so you don't have to wonder if we are in a ditch somewhere :o) we have about 4000km's more to go... that should be FUN?!

Take care,

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