Friday, September 05, 2008

Life on the Miramichi

I just got the kids out the door and to the end of the road where they will catch the bus in a few minutes.  The morning thing is not working so well yet, but I guess it will come.  Yesterday was their first day catching the bus and Trevor was convinced that there were 2 buses in the morning... so he ended up RUNNING to catch the bus at the neighbours house... of course the DOG chased him and ran right onto the bus as well!  She was VERY sad to have to be thrown off the bus, no dogs at school!!! :o(  She is currently in the backyard on a leash, whining and crying because her boy (Trevor) is standing at the end of the driveway.

Wednesday evening my parents came.  They still do ministry on some of the reserves in this area once a month.  It's nice that they can come and stay with us when they do.  They just happened to be here for Trevor's birthday yesterday, which was also a nice bonus.  My dad kept busy snooping around in my barns for treasure, and mowing the lawn... my mom worked non-stop doing laundry and dishes.  It was good to have the help, as I am sick... I think I have gotten the flu that is going around (wish I had gotten the flu shot already!!!)... I feel like I was kicked all night long by a big horse!  

Trevor is now 14!  Next month I will have ALL teenagers (as Tavis' birthday is on October 5).  Talitha is up in Yellowknife and job hunting.  Meagan was placed in grade 10 and not very happy about that... she will have to prove herself and get shuffled ahead!  Trevor was placed in grade 8 but says it's boring and will push to get into grade 9.  Tavis is in grade 7 and has also mentioned that he will be begging to be put up to grade 8.  At least they are in a good school and are starting to make some friends, there are things to be thankful for!

Today we hop in the van again and drive to my parents in Sussex.  We will hopefully enjoy the BALLOON FIESTA (a very exciting annual event) and bring home some more of our stuff (thankfully my parents have been a HUGE help in the area of loaning or giving us things... we are basically all set up).  We are also HUGELY grateful to Pete's parents for their generosity... without it we would not have a place to call home, they have graciously afforded us the opportunity to get settled, and for that we are truly thankful!

Thank you to those who continue to give during this time of adjustment... there have been a lot of start up expenses and we are so thankful for the help.  It may seem like a lot of fun to 'start over'... but we have done that several times in the last 4 years, and the novelty has kinda worn off!  It's the little things that wear on you after a while... like while getting ready to make something and realizing you don't have the spice, or the cornstarch, or the measuring cup... and it's 35 km's to the nearest store (thankfully in Africa I learned a lot about substituting)!  Yah, that can get to you!  Then there are things like, the boys leaving the key to the lawn mower turned ON... and having to find a way to boost it... oh... no cables.  Trying to get in touch with people... no phone book!  Each day there seems to be a new challenge, which is probably why I am feeling sick.  I keep telling myself... next week I will take it easy and get some rest... next week... problem is next week doesn't seem to come... but it will... I know it will!

We have booked a ticket for Pete to come and see his house (got in on an excellent ONE DAY seat sale with WestJet).  He will arrive Tuesday night the 16th of September... he will be here for my 40th birthday (September 21)... and then he leaves early in the morning the next Tuesday (23rd) at 6:15AM.  Things will be getting busy in the north west after this point and we may not see him again until Christmas... so we better enjoy this 6 days with each other!!

Ok that's it for the North American update... please continue to pray for our friends in Africa as they face many challenges day to day!  We have been in touch with many of them.  Sateco continues to struggle with finishing this year of university (due to lack of funds)... our friends in Okahandja continue to have their struggles, Jenny forgot her purse in a taxi and the taxi driver kindly removed ALL of the money from her bank account... leaving her AGAIN with NOTHING... there have been many changes at the Ark as well.  Please continue to pray with us that we will have wisdom in knowing how to care for those across the ocean, whom God has placed in our lives (for a purpose)!!  Those who would like to support Sateco financially... PLEASE... get in touch with me, and I will put you in touch with a gal in Kamloops who has taken on the work of getting the finances transferred to him in Namibia!

Well, there is a lot more going through my mind that I would like to share, but for now I must take a break and get some rest while the kids are off at school!  Please keep in touch... we love to hear from you all!

Charlene (for the family)


Kelly said...

Hi Knightly Family, Boy I know how you feel, starting fresh... Our airbeds stayed blown up all night last night.Yay. We're off to the flea market this afternoon to pick up some essentials like broom, plunger, dishes... Fun Fun. Had flashbacks to Zimbabwe last night at the grocery store. :'.

Get better OK!
Love you all.

Schmanda said...

i too, can relate! i just did the math and realized that i've lived on 3 different continents in the last 3's a good thing God can make us adaptable! haven't caught you online much soon, but hopefully i will soon because i'd love to catch up. miss you! and tell Trevor happy birthday!