Tuesday, September 09, 2008


For those of you out there who are confused...
Here's a quick recap:

PETE... is in Ft. St. John, British Columbia. He is working for a trucking company and working on getting his CLASS ONE drivers license so he can drive big trucks. He will come to NB on September 16 and fly back to BC on September 23.

CHARLENE... is in Matthews Settlement (near Miramichi City) New Brunswick. She is in the 'new to us' house with Meagan, Trevor and Tavis. She is trying to get settled in the house and community and the kids are trying to get settled in a new High School.

TALITHA... is in Yellowknife Northwest Territories. She is job hunting and living with friends of ours. She has a blog so that you can keep up on her... http://themadravingsofanaspiringjournalist.blogspot.com/

WE... have no idea what our plans are for FUTURE... we need time to regroup, rest and redefine our ministry to Namibia. We have many ideas and thoughts, and if you want to share in that bumpy journey, email and I will keep you up-to-date so that when something BIG happens you will be on the same page and understand where it came from!!

Keeping you posted!

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