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September Knightly News Update!


The children had holidays for 2 weeks at the end of August. Prior to leaving we had a Braai at the riverbed for the children, staff and volunteers. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. We even had a few Angolan guests who taught everyone some new games. The children are doing fine, although some of them did not do so well in their school work for the second term. We pray they will do better this last term. Some of the children went to visit family during holiday time, Bonnie and Jan enjoyed their time with their grandmother, Victoria and Grace visited their mother, Jannis and Stephanus visited Brenda and Bernard visited his auntie. They are all back to school now for their last term for 2007. Francina will begin her grade 10 exams at the end of this month, please pray for her. Selma and Stephanus struggle with their reading and it is a blessing to see that Jannis has improved in reading and writing.
Claudia took all the children to Gross Barman hot spring to swim before she returned home to Germany, the children enjoyed the outing.
Mari also left us to return home to Japan, but before leaving she cooked Japanese food for everyone. Almost everyone tried using chopsticks, it was fun, most of us had never used chopsticks before. The food was delicious, we enjoyed it. We also appreciated Mari’s help with Kid’s Club, house activities and especially the beading project. She is very intelligent and creative in everything she does.
Violet continues to help with Choose to Wait and Kid’s Club.
Our newest additions Anna and Natalie from Germany help drive the children to and from school as well as help with Care and Compassion and assist the children with their school work.
Compiled by Ndemufayo
The Canadian office for CHI has been set up. They are hoping to be able to begin receipting donors soon. We are awaiting some more information so please keep looking at our website for the breaking news (http://knightlyfamily.blogspot.com).
We are looking forward with anticipation to the developments in this area, as we would like to see those who feel called to donate toward the children’s homes, projects, C&C, and other things be able to get a tax receipt. This will also be good for those who are interested in coming as volunteers! HINT! HINT!
Please email if you have any questions!

Children’s Home
The Ark continues to operate efficiently and I believe the Principal and secretary are handling their added financial obligations in a responsible manner, although there is more to be learned. We expect that by mid. October we will have purchased a reliable computer and will try to have high speed internet to the office.
There are no behavioural issues with the children, but extra effort is still needed in the area of the schooling. We continue to have study time during school day afternoons and the volunteers are expected to be of assistance in that area. Some kind of special schooling is desperately needed for Selma and Stephanus!
Care & Compassion
We are seeing some more encouraging breakthrough’s in this ministry. For the first time since I have been involved we are beginning to see men in 5 Rand who are showing some interest in attending our Bible studies. I am encouraged that some of the barriers of stigma surrounding AIDS are beginning to come down and we need to pray that the men would have the courage to come forward and admit that they are in need of help. I have given more of the leadership role to Kapango and so far I have been encouraged by what I have seen. She does a great job at leading the Bible studies.

The garden project and beading project are also positive developments. The women of 5 Rand will work the garden on Saturday mornings and Charlene has started to train 5 of the ladies to do beading and they will meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 to 1.

Choose to Wait
I have had less involvement with this ministry but Pelgrina seems to be putting a lot of effort and care into seeing it develop. She has come up with a plan to address the local pastors to discuss how we can be of assistance to the churches through CtW. This meeting will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2007. Please pray for a good attendance.
Pelgrina and Violet continue to teach classes daily in 2 local schools. They have also been invited to teach CtW in October for 1 week to a group of Bible students at Imkerhof Gospel Outreach. There will be 23 students.
Kids Club
Violet is still holding Kid’s Clubs 2 times per week. She is averaging about 100 kids per session. The new volunteers are also helping with the clubs. We need to pray that someone will take over this ministry when Violet leaves.

Talitha started school in Sussex the beginning of this month. She was very anxious about going to a new school and getting oriented, but she is doing well. She is already on the yearbook committee, ordered her graduation ring, and is looking at purchasing a beautiful blue grad dress (she found a good deal… she ALWAYS finds a good deal!).
Meagan is anxious about us getting her registered in school for next year. It is very difficult to get into a public school (even though they are not the greatest!) and private schools cost about $300 CN per month. I am very concerned with this whole procedure and not sure about what to do. It is imperative that she gets registered in ‘school’. She has been keeping busy with beading, and planning a party!
Trevor turned 13 (A TEENAGER) on the 4th of September. He enjoyed the day at Gross Barman (hot springs). He is very interested in becoming a pilot when he grows up, and this month he had the chance to go out and spend the day at the Okahandja airport and watch model airplanes, jets and helicopters fly (all day long). He also beads jewelry (to make some spending money). He enjoys baking with his friend Shika.
Tavis will turn 12 on the 5th of October. He is already planning what he would like to do for his birthday (he likes to think ahead). He has been playing softball at school (not a common sport in Africa). He had a great time at a farm just outside of Windhoek with one of his friends this past weekend. The family spoiled him the whole time. He is looking forward to helping with Coffee House at the MPMC on Friday nights.

This month has been a busy month although I am very thankful that it didn’t include the job of volunteer coordinator. I still made several trips to the airport for Angola missionaries. Tammy Goertzen arrived Sept. 9, Becky Loewen arrived Sept. 10, Steve Foster arrived Sept. 22 and Pete dropped him at the airport on Sept. 23, Daniel Holden arrived Sept. 30, and there were several trips in and out of Windhoek, transporting people and running errands.
My computer shut down 2 days before National Prayer & Praise reports were due, but I managed to get it fixed here in town, which was a blessing. My computer is an essential piece of hardware for the work that I do for National office so I pray that it keeps running properly!
The beading ministry is really picking up the pace and beginning to develop. I have enjoyed developing a relationship with a Chinese father and daughter in Chinatown who I purchase most of my supplies from. Also there are 2 Owambo girls who work there that I have gotten to know a little also. Ndemufayo, Kapango and Leila from the Ark continue to work hard creating jewelry (even Uncle Lazarus made a bracelet for Auntie Leila). Friday’s are beading days with the Ark ladies. We began meeting at the MPMC 2 days a week (Tues. & Thurs. 9 to 1) with 5 of the ladies from 5 Rand. They were very keen about learning a new trade. It was so great to see the satisfaction when they completed their first necklaces. Not only did they seem to be excited about their accomplishment but also the possibility that this will bring them some much needed extra income in the future. I am currently working out ideas for a manual as well as proposals for more supplies (as we want to expand to sewing also). I also need to complete a power point presentation for our director to take to the US and Europe with him. CHI is very excited about the possibility of generating finances for ministry through this project.
This month is the time for Bi-monthly reports in Namibia and so I have been busy compiling, editing and formatting that. If you want to check out my work you can go to www.christshope.org and choose the country Namibia in the drop down bar. You can view all of the reports I have done this year for CHI Namibia.
This month (the 21st) marked my 39th birthday! One more year to be IN my 30’s. Pete and I went into Windhoek for dinner and a movie to celebrate; he bought me flowers and booked an appointment for me to get my nails done. On the 29th, Meagan (who had been avoiding me all week) had a surprise party for me with a bunch of my friends here in Okahandja! I had been asking about some things during the week and she just avoided me, she had planned games, and even had a fancy dress for me to dress up in! I was blessed by the ladies and their very kind words of encouragement… they said they can relax and be themselves around me (because what you see is what you get with me… hehe!), and they appreciate my stamina (when the going gets tough… I hang in there). I thought that was SO sweet! I am thankful for friends and family!

We ask that you continue to pray for us in all areas of ministry. For those of you who wonder how we survive out here financially, well it is through donations from those of you who are standing behind us. This last couple of months has been a bit difficult financially (maintenance to the car, repairs to the computer, many trips to and from the airport and Windhoek, as well as many ministry expenses and of course the usual expenses like rent, water/electricity, food, etc) but we trust God that He will continue to supply our needs. If you are feeling that you would like to pledge a consistent monthly amount please contact us.
Also we have been praying about a move to the North. We are currently leaning toward staying in Okahandja for one more year. Personally I have felt peace about this and so we will wait on God for the final decision.
Our household goods are still in Angola… this has become a bit of frustrating thing for me in the last month especially. I just want it already!!! I don’t know if you understand what this means, but basically everything is stuck in a container on the Mitcha compound in Lubango. That means, beds, dishes, clothing, books, um… everything (except what we packed in a few suitcases when we came down 15 months ago!!!) We are actively working on finding a way to get it down here but so far nothing has worked out! Please, PLEASE pray that this will be resolved in the next short while!
Of course with obstacles and difficulties comes anxiety and frustration, we appreciate those of you who keep in regular contact with us letting us know that you are praying. We thank God for you!


Praise God for the beading project. Remember Meme Olivia (in the flyer I sent out at the beginning of the year)? She is attending the beading sessions at the MPMC.
Praise God for good health and safety (even when my pressure cooker blew up in the kitchen… only minor burns sustained. Trevor suggested that I don’t belong in the kitchen, I think he’s right!!!).
Praise God for advancement in the ministry. It is so nice to see things moving forward even amidst obstacles and roadblocks.

Pray for finances to sustain our family and ministry here in Namibia.
Pray for continued director for our future with CHI and where God would have us serve. Pray for peace in our heart of hearts, and that we will trust God for the RIGHT decision.
Pray that our things will come from Angola, before Christmas would be nice!!
Pray that Meagan will get registered in some school here in Namibia!
Pray for the Canadian office of CHI. Pray that things will go smoothly for figuring out receipting, taxes, transfers, etc!
Pray for patience and perseverance in the face of difficulties and trials.
Pray for those involved in the Care & Compassion Bible studies. Pray that they will work hard at developing their devotionals and that the women will be open to learning!


We are in the transition phase with our finances and would appreciate your prayers during this time. Currently we are unable to receipt those who live in Canada (CHI has just been approved as a charitable organization in Canada… it will take some time to work things out… but we hope that things will be ironed out soon! We thank you for your patience.)
For those who desire to support our ministry financially you can do so by
DIRECT DEPOSIT (either through Internet Banking or at the Royal Bank) into our
account or sending cheques to Ron and Marge (Pete’s parents).

Ron and Marge Knightly
Box 4, Ft. Steele BC V0B 1N0
Phone:250 426 4782

If you live in the USA you can mail your donation to CH-USA and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. The address is PO Box 52038, Longwood FL, 32752-0328, please include a ‘separate’ paper indicating that your donation is for the
“Knightly Family-Namibia”!
Thank you for your support! We are continually overwhelmed by God’s provision for not only our daily needs but for the ability to help meet the needs of others through the generosity of those who give financially to our ministry here in Namibia. May God richly bless you!

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