Saturday, October 13, 2007

Penny Drive at Talitha's School

Talitha was very excited to tell me last night that her class decided to do a Penny Drive for the Care and Compassion project. In the process the WHOLE school got involved. They will collect 'pennies' until NEXT Friday and then we will let you know what they raise for this project! Her class agreed to even raffle off the prize (I think she said it was a sub) and give the money to the C&C project! I am excited as well at the school's involvement in the life of Talitha and her crazy family in Namibia!

I also sent some jewelry back with a young man who was going to Canada... he mailed it to Talitha and she pretty much has it all sold (sight unseen)... now I wish I had sent more! There's always next time!

Just keeping you up-to-date!

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