Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meagan makes a new sign for our office door

I brought all my stock over to the MPMC... a lot of the supplies I purchased or were donated when I went back to Canada in December/January... it was a great start for us here in Okahandja. We are lacking in beading needles (but have some coming the end of November), beading looms, bead spinners and we would like to expand to sewing as soon as it is possible.
Some of our finished product to send back to the USA and Europe. I am very excited with the hard work these ladies have been putting into this project and I am always encouraged when there are sales as it generates MUCH NEEDED funds for Care and Compassion as well as for the people making the product! I am excited with the potential... and remember we are still in the pilot stage so we are not always getting it right. We continue to adapt and learn!
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