Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We are IN South Africa

After a very UNEVENTFUL border crossing we are now in South Africa. We are almost to the Jouberts and well I have been able to connect to the internet with GPRS (amazing... in Africa no less). The signal is coming and going but it seems to be staying connected. We'll see if it lasts until I get this posted.

We have traveled 1168 KM's so far today... and by the time we reach Jouberts it will be about 1250 or so. It's been a LONG day... and it is late... but it hasn't been too bad of a trip. Can't wait to see our friends! YAH!

Well... I better hang on... Pete is driving fast and it is dark! YIKES... hope he has his eyes peeled for Kudu!

Take Care,

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