Monday, January 10, 2005

3 Weeks! Lots of Prayer NEEDED!

We are at the 3 week mark! I do not know how it can all be done in this amount of time, but if God wills... It WILL happen. I am going to start packing this week... Things that will go in the shipping container. This should be a fun process, what to keep, what not to... Isn't that going to be fun!

We as a family have a few prayer requests!
First: Please pray that the house will sell soon, with a possession date of February 1st or soon after.
Second: Please pray for our visa process. We mailed in all the forms (however one was missing as we could not seem to get in contact with anyone in Angola), so please pray that the forms will be accepted anyway, without a problem, and that God will be glorified and praised when this process is ended. It has been a very taxing and frustrating process, but we have seen God work and move through out and we are pleased that He is in control and not us! Otherwise we would never have gotten this far!
Third: Please pray for the whole packing process. We need wisdom and discernment for what to pack, how to pack, how to get everything to Toronto to ship, etc! It is a big process and not without its many concerns and difficulties.
Fourth: Please pray for the truck that God would have us have for the farm/orphanage. We are looking for a crew cab diesel pick-up and we will need a vehicle that is in good condition for an excellent price. Please keep that in your prayers.
Fifth: Please pray for the kids, they are finding it really hard to concentrate on any school work, and they have portfolios to have in to their teacher before we leave. This is becoming a bit stressful, but it must be done, so please pray!
Sixth: Please pray for us as a family. It has been very overwhelming and I really do not want to become discouraged or frustrated. This process has been difficult and time consuming... And yet God has been faithful. However, we believe in the POWER of PRAYER, and so we are pleading with you our friends to hold us up in prayer.

Now I must end on a THANKFUL note of the BLESSINGS in our lives!
First: Yesterday we spent the day at Judge Shupe's Workshop. He is a semi-retired Judge in Kamloops who makes wooden toys to give away to needy children! He has made 150 cars/trucks/trains/doll cradles/tool boxes to send to Angola for the orphans! What a huge blessing!! It was a thrill for us to go out and help him to finish them off yesterday! Meagan, Trevor, Tavis, Pete and I drove out in the afternoon (Talitha chose to stay home as we could only take 3 of the kids, as we are down to one car that only fits 5 people at the moment) and we spent 3 hours painting the cars/trucks/trains with mineral oil! Then Judge Shupe blessed us with some cake and pop. His wife came in for a visit also and it was nice talking with her!
Second: We are thankful for the generousity of our friends and family! Thank you to all of you who have given us financial gifts. It has been a huge blessing at this time, as you can imagine all of this preparation has taken a toll on our budget! So we thank you, and may God bless you for your gifts.
Third: Thank you to those of you who came sledding with us on Saturday. It was great to spend time with our friends, even if we froze our bodies! The fire was nice (thanks for the wood, Katherine) and the fellowship was great! So thanks for coming and spending some time with us!

Well, I must sign off now, time to clean the house, and get the kids started in some school work! It is so strange getting ready to go somewhere, you know that down the road there is a BIG move, but you still have to keep up with all the routine daily chores of life! Sometimes I think we forget that we are embarking on such a big JOURNEY!

God Bless You ALL!
The Knightly's

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad for you Mrs. Knightly! I hope that you have fun with the packing!