Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What have we been up to?

I was just writing out what we have been up to lately for the kids teacher. I thought I might as well give an update on here in case you might be interested in what a family of 6 does while in limbo... Waiting for a house to sell (with our hearts and minds already in Angola).

So here is goes:
We have been invited out to dinner numerous times...
Jan. 07 @ the Gill's for an awesome East Indian dinner
Jan. 08 @ the Johnson's for superb beef dip dinner
Jan. 12 @ the Funk's for an exceptional ham and farmer sausage dinner
Jan. 18 @ the Campbell's for a fabulous Pizza dinner
Jan. 21 @ the Sirianni's for a great lazagna dinner
Jan. 22 @ the Lowen's for a excellent chicken and rice dinner
Jan. 23 @ the Berthelot's for a wonderful corn chowder lunch
Jan. 23 @ the Boughton's for dessert in the evening (just Pete and I)
Jan. 25 @ the Jean's for an outstanding pasta dinner
Jan. 31 @ Robbies Downtown Restaurant for a fund raiser that friends gave us tickets for (thank you!!)
YOU'RE RIGHT WE'RE ALL GETTIN' FAT!!! We call it bulkin' up for Africa! We are going to have to be careful!!!

We had at least 15 showings of our house in the month of January...
Many crazy moments of cleaning up the house and getting it ready for people to come through.

Purchased our last round of immunizations (Cholera & Typhoid) at a whoppin' $710.00! Praise the Lord that's it!

Did a few photo sittings.

Tried to concentrate on getting some school work done (failed miserably... just too many distractions).

Got caught up on dental appointments at our favourite dentist, Dr. Daniele... we're going to miss him.

Pete and I took a trip to Hope and New Westminster on Friday 28/Saturday 29 while the kids had a Youth Sleepover at the church (thanks Jason for picking up and dropping off the kids). We had a great trip, especially the visiting with friends. We were thrilled to meet Mark and Lisa's care group in Hope and to visit for the evening and sharing in their passion for missions. It was refreshing. Had a great visit with Marlene Eaton and the kids also (Pete even babysat while Marlene and I went out for lunch). Enjoyed listening to some GREAT biographies by John Piper on John Calvin and Adoniram Judson... very powerful.

We are also down to one car that seats 5 which of course is a problem when we need to get places, thankfully Lesley from our church lives close and has graciously helped us out on NUMEROUS occasions! We are very thankful for her!

Actually there are many people we are thankful for. We have been so blessed with so many friends, and we thank God for all of you and pray His blessing on your lives! Well, I have to run, we are having friends over here for supper tonight. Oh and the girls have gone to spend a couple of weeks with Gramma and Grampa Knightly in Cranbrook (they took the bus at midnight and arrived this morning at 10:50 their time, a 9 1/2 hour ride) hopefully they will get lots of school work done while they are there... I am sure they will comment if they read this!!!

Keep in touch everyone!!!
The Knightly's

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