Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Container is UNLOADED...

Boa Tarde!

Well after many days of waiting the container has been unloaded and the contents are sitting in our livingroom in our house in Namibe. Pete just called on the cell to let me know that things are going well. They finished up too late to be able to get the truck registered, but they will get that done in the morning and be on their way back here to Lubango to pick us up! Pastor Zebedeu is coming with him so that he can get some business done here in Lubango! We will go back to Namibe for the weekend and go camping at the beach while they finishing painting the interior of our house! They have the trim finished today and are coming tomorrow to do the main walls, not sure how long that will take... things do take time here in Angola! However, PRAISE THE LORD they are getting done, and we are one step closer to settling in.

We are not sure how much the registration and plates will cost for the truck, but so far the costs have only come to $1500 US (which is a FAR cry from $5000 US that we were told it would come to)... so unless it is going to cost $3500 US to register the truck, I think that God has been answering many of your prayers for us!!! We are thankful that you have been praying, and we appreciate it more than words can say!

We'll keep you posted on how things are going... sometimes through email and sometimes by the blog... hope you continue to check in!

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