Friday, April 21, 2006

In Namibia

We are in Oshakati... I am including the email that I would have sent out yesterday, but I didn't get to the internet. Today however there is a little more news to share. The lady at the Angolan consulate told me that there would be NO MORE VISITOR VISA renewals! So we have 3 months to decide what to do with our lives here in Africa. Apart from an absolute miracle... our work visa coming through we will not be going back into Angola until we have it! So we have many decisions to make... anyway, I will include the email I would have sent out (I can't connect to my microsoft outlook)! We truly are thankful for ALL of your prayers and we are very thankful to have received our present visa!
God Bless,
Thursday, April 20, 2006

Praise the Lord!
We put in our visa application today and it was ready before the end of the day, we will pick them up in the morning! So we would like to thank all of your for your prayers! This is an amazing answer to prayer, considering that as of late everyone has had their visa renewals rejected! So we are very thankful to God for His provision to us.

Tonight we went for supper with the owner (and her family) of the lodge we are staying at. They are wonderful Christians and have blessed our family immensely, we are so thankful for God's family and how encouraging they have been!

Saturday morning we will head to Windhoek (an 8 hour drive on a GOOD road) to get Talitha to the plane. We have put our truck in the shop here in Oshakati and the fine Christian business man who owns the place gave us another vehicle to drive to Windhoek. What a blessing! We will stay with some friends from Namibe, who are going to university in Windhoek! The kids are all excited about seeing each other. Talitha flies out on the 25th and then we head back to Oshakati to do our 3 month grocery shopping, then pack up and head HOME! Thankfully this time we will have had a chance to recover from our bumpy bone crushing trip before we head back!

We will keep you posted on any other news. For now, if you are interested in calling us to see how things are going we have a Namibian cell number now 264 0813017320, you can use YAK to call here also, and I believe it is $0.29 a minute to Namibia!

Take care, and God bless!
The Knightly's

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talitha said...

This is Talitha...
I made it safely to Canada and the trip was fine. I made friends in the airport and they helped me out, in case you are on the site reading and dont know me...I am Charlene's daughter. HEY MOM!!! I AM SAFE AND SOUND. Hope that all is going well there in Africa and I hope that the situation with the visas works out!