Sunday, November 18, 2007

Random Happenings!

Random Happenings!
Hey guess what? Uncle Steve Collins is coming down from Angola today and he is bringing some of our stuff from the container... what's the bad news... well the container was full of rats and rat pee... and one of them even ate through a CAN of cranberry sauce. Remember our stuff was only to be stored in a container for a month... its been 16 months now... so they had a lot of fun while we were waiting! Hopefully not EVERYTHING is wrecked... but at this point I feel like someone has kicked me in the stomach and the wind is knocked out. Not that THINGS are the most important thing in life... but when you chose carefully what THINGS to send from Canada and then you find out that a lot of those things are destroyed, its kinda hard! Our good friends the Goertzen's braved their lives getting into the container to sort through things to send down. I hope that the rat pee doesn't kill them! This is life in Africa! Some ups, a few more downs, and a lot of longing for HEAVEN!

Well, Friday we showed up at the MPMC and there was no power... it is 'pay as you go power' so someone hadn't purchased a card! :-) So we beaded instead of sewing... but Pete came to our rescue in the afternoon and he purchased some power and then he proceeded to 'sew' some place mats, AND teach someone else how to use the serger! HA! Saturday we met at the MPMC again... Victoria, Helen, Ndemufayo and 3 of the young girls from the Ark! WILD times! Victoria was learning to use a pattern and electric machine, Ndemufayo wanted to make trousers, Helen is beading for the second time, the girls... well they beaded but mostly just made a mess and said Auntie Charlene about 300 times. So I must say that by the time I got home at around 8PM I was EXHAUSTED! At one point I was sewing a hem, took my foot off of the presser foot and well the machine just kept going, as I am freaking out I look down and there is the little foot of Tuliki keeping my machine running (almost lost a finger!).

I am going beading and sewing today with Ndemufayo... I wish you could all meet her... she's great! She would like to make TROUSERS today... that's what we call pants in Canada!! Should be fun, just hanging out with Ndemufayo and teaching her to sew. She has invited me to come and stay with her in the village up north during Christmas holidays... we'll see how it goes! Just thought I would say hi to everyone! HI

Ok check this out... its the article on Talitha's school fund raiser!!!!


Melanie said...

Oh Charlene! That really stinks about the rats...I can only imagine how you must feel. On the upside, if you've gone 16 months without, you'll probably find you don't need 1/2 what you brought.
praying for you,
The Dreyer's

Missionary Blog Watch said...

Hey guys! Sorry to hear about the rats. I know what it's like to have trouble getting cranberry sauce!

I thought you might like to know that this post was recently mentioned over at Missionary Blog Watch. Keep up the good posting!