Friday, October 17, 2008

Here's what we are up to...


I thought I would write a bit of an update letting everyone know what we have been up to the last couple of months.

Pete left for Ft. St. John to work with a trucking company that moves oil rig equipment. He is hoping to get his class one driving license. He hasn't been as busy as he would like but has made good use of his time by listening to some really awesome sermons.

Meagan, Trevor and Tavis started school in September. Meagan is now in grade 11, Trevor in grade 8 (and hopefully will be put up to grade 9 in the second semester), and Tavis is in grade 7. They have been adjusting. It hasn't been easy but they are learning to adjust once again to NEW and UNFAMILIAR surroundings. I have been a full time stay at home mother! It has been good for me to be here, resting! September I had the flu for a few weeks, then Pete came home for a one week visit, then I had a terrible back spasm and now my hip is acting up... so good thing I am home. I also have been enjoying spending the days listening to sermons, cleaning the house, making meals, and running to town for groceries. I think we have settled on a church to attend, it is called Sovereign Community Church and it is a little lively Presbyterian church 40 minutes from here (like driving to Windhoek on Sundays, except in the winter when there is SNOW).

We are tossing around several ideas as to how this home assignment is going to look. We are not setting ANY plan in stone because we know that God is the one in control and not us. So here are our ideas at the 'moment'! We are thinking we will at least stick around until Meagan is finished school... that is in 2 years... however we would like to go back and forth (the 2 of us) to Africa for a month to three at a time. If the Lord wills I will go back in September next year for a month. I would like to take a couple of my sister-in-laws with me... we'll see how that all works out! We have a friend that we would like to have join us for six months, from Africa... so when she returns I would go with (that's the idea). Depending on how much work Pete gets this year and how much money we can save up, we will work on getting a project started in Northern Namibia. That is why we would like to keep personal contact with Africa during the 2 years...! Now... the other idea that we are playing with, is that we will base out of here until the BOYS are finished school... traveling back and forth for those years, continuing to work with the projects we are looking at starting!

So that's it in a nutshell. We are unsure of timelines in returning 'permanently'... we will return to live one day (if the LORD wills it)... but for now we are going to try to work from here! Once we have something started we will be in touch with those of you who have followed our journey, and see if you would also like to get involved!


Thank you all for your prayers... especially those who prayed me across Canada with the 3 kids (it was a LONG drive by myself)! We also appreciate your prayers on this continuing journey... the unknowns, missing DAD, finances, purpose, ministry, etc!

We love you all and desire to keep in touch!

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