Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Winter... will it ever end?

Hey everyone,

It’s February and the snow is falling from the sky. I’ve never been a big fan of winter, but this is really getting depressing. I wonder why everyone wanted to leave the comforts of Europe to settle in a land of endless winter? I guess for some it wasn’t much of a change when you consider that a lot of Europe indeed does experience WINTER as well. The hope of a new world, a fresh start must have been what fuelled the desire to set out on a journey that would see many lose their lives. What dedication they had. Many of them had a strong and unwavering faith in God as well which I’m sure would have sustained them through the dark times.

This brings to me my life. Here I am on the East Coast of Canada longing to set off again into the world of the unknown, to get a fresh start. It’s not that life is SO bad back here that I have to move on, but the appeal for change and experiencing some adventure drives me to move west again into a world of colour and variety. There is an element that I greatly miss living here and that is cultural variance. It’s difficult to walk around town and only see white faces, it may not be that way for some, but it sure is for me. I need a splash of colour in my life… variety! Variety IS indeed the spice of life!!!

So as I search numerous websites trying to find a place to live, a possible job, a church, a good school for the boys, a town with a Costco and someone who gives ART (Active Release Technique)… I am filled with hope that soon I will have my fresh start and even though it may not be easy I will be delighted to have a piece of me fulfilled that has been neglected for 2 1/2 years now. I am looking at Medicine Hat at the moment, sure that could change, but for now that is where I am concentrating my efforts on. So as summer arrives here on the East Coast… the thought of summer in a new place will be what brings joy to my heart. Currently buried under 5 feet of snow I am having difficulty fanning the spark of hope… but it’s there… it’s coming… there is anticipation and it’s growing!

These are my thoughts for today… I have no idea if anyone even reads them, but that’s fine… it’s my journal of life as it ticks by!




vinske said...

Hi Charlene,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do see simularities in my life.
I really hope a coloured change will come!

Love, Fetske

Elsabeth said...

Hello Charlene!

Thanks for visiting my blog! As well as finding the song, 30 Pieces of Silver!! Those are the exact words that the ladies in my church had always sung--not the rendition I found.

Thanks for finding it, and then passing on the information to me--I really appreciate it!

Hope you come back and visit again!

Blessings to you and your family,

Anonymous said...

Great article, thanks. I just signed up to your rss feed!