Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hello from Namibia

Hello from Namibia

We have made it to our destination… Okahandja, Namibia.

Thursday, Meagan jumped on a MAF flight to Windhoek… she was thrilled at not having to travel down the highway!! She is staying with friends from Angola!

Friday we drove down the bumpy road from Rio de Huila (starting at 7:30 AM) and arriving at the border (Santa Clara) at 3:30 PM (400 km in 8 hours, not bad!). We arrived in Oshakati (where we would normally renew visas for going back to Angola) around 7:30PM. It was a long day.

Saturday afternoon we joined a short-term Christ’s Hope team from Holland on a trip to the Oshikuku Ark (about 30 km from Oshakati). The Ark (orphanage home) there is not yet complete yet, they have been working on it for 2 years (this is AFRICA). Within 10 minutes of arriving over a 100 kids came out of nowhere! They played and sang together with the team, it was a lot of fun and action. However we were so tired we just sat back and observed most of the fun.

Sunday morning we headed out for our 7 hour drive to Okahandja, on a NICE road! We arrived at the Multi-purpose ministry training center around supper-time. We were met by a few of the Christ’s Hope team from here in Okahandja, a very friendly and welcoming group of people! They had supper here for us, and had stocked the fridge with some essentials and some treats!!! The training center is a 3 story building (reminds me of living at the Bible Camp in New Brunswick just before we left Canada)… there is one very large open room that is open to the roof of the building… and on the other side of that room there are 3 levels, the floor level has the kitchen, washrooms, and other smaller rooms, the second level has offices, and the third level has two bedrooms! It will work perfect for our family while we wait for a place to rent. We will get our exercise running up and down the stairs, which will be good for us, as food is much cheaper here in Namibia and there is so much more available (and we will be excited about trying some things after a year of chicken and rice! J).

Today is Monday and we are just resting and taking it easy. One of the missionaries (or here they call them volunteers), loaned us their car and we were able to go and do some grocery shopping. Now we are about to head for lunch so I better sign off… I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know that we are all still alive, and give you our new phone number in case you would like to give us a call. If you use YAK (which just bills to your regular phone bill) you will pay 29 cents a minute, the access code is 10 10 925 011 and our phone number is 264 81 301 8798.

Tomorrow Meagan will come back to us catching a ride from the Namibian director who is in Windhoek.

Take care and God Bless,
The Knightly’s

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