Friday, September 01, 2006

September 2006 Update

The ARK is in desperate need of some assistance in the area of management and already Pete has been able to assist the houseparent, Lazarus with some of the difficulties he has had to face on his own as of late. It is difficult to find trustworthy help and often those who have been hired end up having to be let go, and the common reasons are theft and inability to complete daily tasks. Living on-sight would allow us to help with the management of the Ark.

There are several reasons why living ‘on-sight’ would be ideal for our family. First of all we have had no progress in finding a house to rent and the place we are currently living in is definitely temporary. Secondly in the ministry that we have been asked to do by Christ’s Hope, living on-sight would be the best option. I will be sending a Project Proposal shortly.

As Ministry Coordinator for Okahandja Pete is over-seeing:
Care and Compassion (which has an office at the ARK)
Choose to Wait program

In our first bi-weekly staff meeting since joining Christ’s Hope Namibia many of the issues with the ARK and Care and Compassion were discussed and it was expressed several times how grateful to God that our family had come to assist Christ’s Hope in this area… we praise God that although it was not in our plan, His plan for us is at work, and we are confident that He will use us here in Namibia.

Pete is the first Ministry Coordinator in Namibia and although it will take a while to figure out exactly what that means, he has been a big help already and is slowly figuring out what his job description will look like. He has assisted Lazarus with some interviews for a replacement cook and laundry worker. He has also spent a lot of time with him discussing some of the areas that he is struggling with, especially concerning his staff. He is also in the process of interviewing for a Care and Compassion leader. Next week he will attend training in the Choose to Wait program. He has also been assisting in some of the finishing touches in the kitchen of the MPMC and in setting up shelving in the containers here on sight.

For myself I will slot in where needed but more specifically in the area of fund-raising and promotion of Christ’s Hope Namibia IN Namibia… they are hoping that the ministries within Namibia will be supported 50% by Namibians somewhere in the near future. Currently my projects to complete are Partnership Posters (to give to Namibian donors as a thank you for partnering in the work of Christ’s Hope), and a Power Point presentation to include in presentation folders to perspective donors. I have also been able to set up 4 computers for the children at the ARK that were sent in a container, and get the secretary’s and Care and Compassion office computers working properly.

Along with trying to concentrate on school work (which is a difficult task these days) the kids have also been helping with some of the ministries in CHI. Meagan has assisted with the Choose to Wait Club, Kids Club, Coffee House, and babysitting for the CHI volunteers who have small children. The boys have been challenged to dig a big metal door out of the ground, not sure how they are doing with that… but the MEN of CHI are quite excited to have boys around… they seem to bring ‘LIFE’ to the party!!!

Currently there are 13 children in the ARK. They range in age from 8 to 18. The oldest boy is struggling in school and if he fails this year he will be responsible to finish school on his own. He is lacking in motivation at the moment, but we must find a way to help him regain momentum as it is very difficult for kids who do not finish school here in Namibia… they keep passing them until they reach grade 12 and then that is it… they must complete school as ‘adult’ students (they can’t continue to attend high school) in a separate program. The most recent child to be placed in the ARK by social services was beaten by her mother and raped by her step-father. The staff at the ARK is not qualified to deal with the emotional and physical needs of a child like this. It is so heart breaking to see the state of the children here in Africa (in general). Reminds me of a song that we have called “Who will hear the cry of the children”… well God hears and he has called our family for this specific purpose. Please pray that we will have the strength to fulfill our calling, and not become discouraged by the overwhelming need.

We would also ask that you pray for our family concerning finances. Hillcrest will only be able to receipt those who are supporting us up until December 2006. We are looking for another organization who will funnel our funds until CHI has a Canadian office set up (which they are currently in the middle of working on, but this can be a lengthy process). We are also in the process of working out the details to allow US donors to give through CHI United States, this will also take time. At present we are being faithfully supported 50% of our budgeted expenses. Praise the Lord He has been faithful in supplying all of our needs; however if you are feeling a desire to help support our family financially, know that your support of our family is allowing us to help the orphans and unwanted children of Namibia. To the best of our ability we desire to be responsible, careful and generous with the money that comes into our hands. Please note, as some have been asking, CHI does not financially support their volunteers it is up to each volunteer to raise the money for daily expenses (house, food, vehicle, etc)… we are missionaries, not employees.

I hope that this letter has given you more of an idea of what we are doing, but know that if you have any questions or concerns you are free to drop us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to answer you. We miss you all and look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless,
Charlene for the Knightly clan!

Knightly Family
c/o Christ's Hope,
P.O. Box 9979,
Eros Windhoek,

Charlene's Cell: 264 81 301 8798
Pete's Cell: 264 81 314 6889
Meagan's Cell: 264 81 314 6890
(use YAK 10 10 925 011 for $0.29 a minute)


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