Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was just looking back over the posts on the website... they are dated from December 2004 but I started the website prior to that (I republished it and it set the wrong date... oh well live and learn). This blog has told the story of our journey to Angola and then on to Namibia. I hope that it shows you how we have grown as a family, what we have learned, and how we have given up our lives in North America to serve God in foreign land. It has come at a price, but the price is worth it if we glorify God with our lives. It's not about us, it is about God who sent His Son to redeem a lost world!

I would encourage those of you who have visited the site over the last couple of years to take some time and re-read our journey... I am truly amazed at what God has done with us and for us! God is GOOD... ALL the time! This has been an AMAZING JOURNEY... I purposefully called it a journey from the beginning because an adventure sounded like TOO much fun... I was right... it hasn't all be fun, but it has been worth the 'journey'!

In His service...
Charlene Knightly

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