Monday, March 10, 2008

February Update!

Home Assignment
It is time for our family to return to Canada for one year home assignment. We are asking our family and friends to consider helping us financially with the tickets to return. The cost is going to be a whopping $10,000. It seems unreachable… but with God all things are possible! We would like to fly home by July… and if possible send Pete for Talitha’s graduation (which is June 15). There are a LOT of details to work out, but for now we would like to see if we can get commitments and pledges toward the airfare. If 100 people pledged $100 they would be paid for… 200 pledged $50 again… paid for! We will keep you posted on the progress in the weeks ahead!! If you want to deposit directly into our account please do so into our savings account, as opposed to our general running account!
Please email for bank details…

Pete’s Work
This has been a busy month. The usual Ark, Care and Compassion and Choose to Wait responsibilities as well as looking after The Rock (MPMC).
With the help of Sylvia they started a Choose to Wait discipleship club on Fridays. The young people who have gone through Choose to Wait have been invited to come and get involved in a continuing program where they can continue to build on the foundations they have already learned.
On the 17th Pete headed north to Oshikuku to help with installing the solar panels that were shipped in the Dutch container. He stayed there until February 22nd. They are installed and functioning well. They power the appliances that were also sent in the container.
There were some stressful times with Come and See volunteers. They came to Namibia to save the world, and didn’t want to follow the chain of command… which created a lot of difficulty and stress in Pete’s life!
At the end of the month he traveled to Rehoboth for training and our monthly Prayer and Fasting.

This month has been extremely stressful for Jenny. The list of difficulties is long and I don't know how she survives! When someone is determined, successful and hard working like Jenny they get so much opposition on this continent! Here are some of the things she has had to deal with… her older brother beat her up, he stole a bunch of her stuff from the market, her mother beat her little brother until he was unconscious, she is paying for her 3 little brothers and younger sister to go to school (fees, supplies and uniforms), she works here at the house for me and at the carver market and for another beading ministry in town, she had a couple of men try to break into her house one night (threatening to rape her and her sister), she has not been sleeping at night, and her children have been sick. She needs help! We would like to purchase a piece of land for her so she can get off the property that she shares with her mother and the man who tried to break in. The cost is roughly $700 CN for the land, and then we would like to put a fence around so probably another $150 CN. If you have a desire to help please contact us.

Visitors From Canada
Adrianna and Rachel from Vernon were planning to go to Kenya, however, with the unrest the airline cancelled their tickets. Several years ago (something like 18 years) I was a bridesmaid in Adrianna’s Aunt Linda’s wedding, and so they contacted me to see if coming to Namibia would be an option! The girls arrived on February 24 for a 2 week stay! They blessed us with treats like chocolate, Starbucks, socks and underwear, etc! They shadowed us the first week, checking out the different ministries here in Okahandja. The second week the girls and I took a road trip with a couple of Dutch ladies included! More on that NEXT issue! It was nice to meet new people and share our lives with them! We hope they enjoyed their time with us!

Charlene’s Work
This month has been very busy. I did a presentation for the Country Directors on the beading ministry, as well as drew up and presented a proposal for an embroidery machine… which would enable us to make our own t-shirts, hats, etc for CHI International.
I traveled to Keetmanshoop (6 hour drive) alone to do some training. Pete was gone for almost a week to Oshikuku.
I made SEVERAL trips to the airport and Windhoek. Booked airline tickets for people, planned a Namibia tour, etc…!
I also managed to help Ndemufayo get caught up with her Bank Reconciliations for most of last year. I also figured out the Vat Refund (tax) for CHI Namibia, hopefully I did it right :-)! Juliet said that if you want something done give it to a BUSY person… I think I will go into hiding next month :-)!
I also emailed an update with a personal note to 500 on our mailing list! I could barely move my arms afterward. It was very nice to hear back from almost 100 people!!! What a blessing!
I also did some enquiring as to airline tickets for our family to return to Canada for a home assignment.
Also hosted several visitors during the month.
Can’t believe the month went so fast… it’s all a blur! Better busy than bored I guess!

Training in Keetmanshoop and Rehoboth
February 10 to 14 I went on a road trip to Keetmanshoop in the south of Namibia. It was nice to see the Care and Compassion ladies again and to spend ALL day with them on the 12th, teaching them new beading techniques and sharing more on colour coordination. It was a success! I taught 6 ladies 3 new stitches. On the way home on the 14th I stopped in Rehoboth to teach 2 Care & Compassion leaders, the Ministry Coordinator and 4 volunteers how to bead. They did a great job! We are hoping to have a kit sponsored so that they can get started with something at Ark Rehoboth. Currently the C&C program is not yet running (due to lack of finances), so hopefully they can get to work on generating their own funds with this program!

Knightly Kids
We have done all we can for Meagan, but she is still not in school! I am trying to keep her busy by helping with the beading ministry. We are going to have to find things for her to do that will help her with Life Skills until we can get her back to Canada and enrolled!
Trevor is really starting to enjoy High School. He wrote a really nice little report on how he has adjusted to High School. It is good to see, as school has been such a struggle for both of the boys. Most of the time they feel like they are not learning anything!
Tavis is struggling… often the teachers don’t show up to the class and the peer ‘leaders’ are in charge of the classroom, which is incredibly stupid. It causes a great deal of frustration and rowdiness in the classroom. Tavis needs structure and he has not been getting that at all this year.

Financial Information
We are in the transition phase with our finances and would appreciate your prayers during this time. Currently we are unable to receipt those who live in Canada (CHI has just been approved as a charitable organization in Canada… it will take some time to work things out… but we hope that things will be ironed out soon! We thank you for your patience.)
For those who desire to support our ministry financially you can do so by
DIRECT DEPOSIT (either through Internet Banking or at the Royal Bank) into our
account or sending cheques to Ron and Marge (Pete’s parents).

Email for Bank Details….
Ron and Marge Knightly
Box 4, Ft. Steele BC V0B 1N0
Phone:250 426 4782

If you live in the USA you can mail your donation to CH-USA and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. The address is PO Box 52038, Longwood FL, 32752-0328, please include a ‘separate’ paper indicating that your donation is for the
“Knightly Family-Namibia”!
Thank you for your support! We are continually overwhelmed by God’s provision for not only our daily needs but for the ability to help meet the needs of others through the generosity of those who give financially to our ministry here in Namibia. May God richly bless you!

Praise and Prayer
We are thankful for a busy month!
We are thankful for visitors!
We are thankful for finances to cover our expenses!
We are thankful for good health!
We are thankful for safety on the road (many miles have been traveled)!
We are thankful for the many blessings that God has given us!
We are very thankful for our supporters who are giving sacrificially to the Lord and HIS work through us!
We are thankful for the prayers and communication which helps to keep us encouraged throughout our journey here in Africa! Thank you!
Please pray for Trevor’s friend, Darryl, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour!
Please pray for Jenny!
Please pray for our prospective Home Assignment and the necessary preparations that need to be made ASAP… and the finances that need to be raised!
Please pray for our work here in Namibia, especially that we can train those who will take over the ministries that we are currently in charge of!
Please pray for strength and wisdom in trying and difficult times!
Please pray for the kids… especially in returning to Canada and the adjustments that they will need to make!
Please pray wisdom in knowing how best to help the people that God places in our path!

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