Friday, February 29, 2008

Pray for Jenny


I spoke with Jenny this afternoon and she is so tired and worn out! Her life has been a fight for the last several months! Her brother is one of the biggest problems in her life right now... he moved into her shop and started selling her things and keeping the money. He has also been stealing things from her, coming to her house late at night and keeping her awake, eating her food, and then a couple of weeks ago he beat her up! She fought back though along with her sister and brothers... so he ended up going away for several days, but before he left stole a bunch of her stuff from the shop! Then there is a man that also lives on the same property as Jenny, he has 2 little girls and he keeps forcing Jenny to let them sleep in her house (so that he can fornicate with the women he brings home from the bar), they eat her food and keep her in a constant state of stress! Her mother is not supportive, just a drain... she keeps telling Jenny that since she gave birth to Jenny that she owes her! Jenny continues to support her brothers and sister, food, clothing, school fees, school supplies, etc etc etc! Queen has been getting sick regularly.... and Jenny looks terrible! The people from the woodcarver market are being mean to Jenny and making her life completely miserable (they just cannot stand to see people get ahead here, or have ambition)... they will do ANYTHING to drag someone down who is succeeding. It is sickening! Today she shared with me that she would like to kill herself. She is tired of fighting and tired of the constant pain!

I don't think I can take too much more... watching this all makes me angry, and to see how powerless she feels makes me so sad! The only thing that we feel we can do to help is this: help her to get her ID, purchase land and build a fence! The location will be far enough from her mother to bring the needed separation, and she will take her sister to help her! She needs N$1500 to get onto the land... but the total price for the land is N$5000 ($715CN), either she can pay it all at once or she can pay in installments. My suggestion is the whole thing! I realize there are a lot of way we can use our money and there are a lot of needs (thinking about coming home on home assignment, life in general, and a billion other needs)... but this is URGENT! If you are willing to help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... email us and let us know what you are willing to put toward helping Jenny! Although there are many others in the same situation... JENNY is who God has placed on our doorstep... and I feel that now is the time to GIVE without expecting anything in return! She has worked hard for everything she has gotten up to this point... she needs a GIFT!

Please let us know if you are willing to help.
God Bless,

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lprescott said...

Hello Knightlys.

My name is Layne Prescott, and I found your blog on Google. I lived in Botswana for awhile working with a mission called Love Botswana Outreach Mission, and I am now in Texas finishing my English degree in May. My fiance (who also lived in Botswana for awhile) and I are planning to move to Namibe, Angola sometime next year, and visit this Fall. It is our hope to live there and serve the people of the community, especially the children. We hope to eventually start an orphange. Because I see your work in Namibia, as well as your heart for an Angola, I thought that perhaps you all would have some advise for us. Anything you can tell us would be a help.

Layne Prescott