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Knightly Family 2007 Report

Knightly Family 2007 Report
Working with Christ’s Hope International

Dear Friends and Family,

We want to say thank you for your continued support and love during our time in Africa.

First of all we would like to take the time to share with you our work here in Namibia and then we would like to show you how you can get involved in helping us from where you are in the world!

We are currently with an organization called Christ’s Hope International-Namibia. This organization is divided into two parts; Mobilization Nations and Ministry Nations. The Mobilization Nations include: USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and UK. The Ministry Nations include: Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, DRC, Kenya and South Africa.
The ministries of Christ’s Hope include: The Ark’s, Care and Compassion, and Choose to Wait.
The Ark ministries are focused on meeting the needs of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s). In some places we have children’s homes and in other’s we are supporting the extended families that are doing their best to care for the children in their own homes. Our desire is that all children will be able to grow up in a ‘home’ environment and therefore the second option is truly the best one.
Care and Compassion (C&C) ministry is focused on those who have or are affected by HIV/AIDS in the community. This includes sharing the Gospel of Jesus with them as well as showing them love and compassion. The C&C patients sign up to the program and come together as a group in their neighbourhood twice a week. It is teaching them a sense of community when their own communities have rejected them as AIDS still carries with it a stigmatism. They are encouraged by the Word of God and shown how to change their lifestyles in order to help improve their health. Other parts of this ministry include: driving patients to the hospital, checking to see if they are taking their anti-retroviral drugs properly, helping them find an alternative to breast feeding if they have infants, and finding other support as needed.
The Choose to Wait program teaches prevention. In a society where promiscuity, rape, molestation and polygamy are prevalent, prevention needs to be taught to the young generation. Although most tend to promote the use of condoms, we would prefer to incorporate a program that teaches abstinence and faithfulness in marriage, which helps both men and women to learn to respect each other. Choose to Wait is very well accepted as a school curriculum in both elementary and high school levels. It is also taught at after-school clubs.

Each of the three programs work together to help create meaning and dignity in the lives of those who have been so deeply affected by HIV/AIDS as well as hope for a better future, even if that future includes death.
How do we fit into all of this? Well, in August 2006 we joined Christ’s Hope Namibia in Okahandja. Pete was given the task of Ministry Coordinator for all 3 of the ministries of CHI in Okahandja! During our time here we have seen many changes to the ministries that Pete has been dealing with. In particular the Ark staff has really grown and are working together beautifully. Yes he has challenges but the growth in each staff member has been very encouraging. Care and Compassion has also strengthened. There are 54 registered patients in Okahandja currently! Pete and Lazarus started a garden project with the ladies in 5 Rand. We have also developed a beading/sewing ministry that has been helpful in raising much needed funds to supply food, clothing, and other needs of the C&C patients. We have also incorporated C&C patients into the program, teaching them to create beautiful things with their hands and helping them generate some income for their families. The Choose to Wait program is taught in 2 Primary Schools here in Okahandja presently and the Kid’s Club meets 2 days a week with anywhere from 100 to 200 children per week! Pete not only oversees these ministries but is also very involved in helping in practical hands-on ways!

We are pleased with the developments. However, Pete’s gifts are not in the area of administration, and basically that is his role as Ministry Coordinator. We are praying that a new ministry will present itself in the New Year, one that will allow Pete to blossom in the areas in which he is gifted.
The ministries that I (Charlene) am involved in began mainly as a fill in the holes ministry! I began editing and compiling the Ministry Report for Namibia and then later Prayer and Praise reports. I have helped fix computers, taught basic computer skills, taught how to write a report, as well as driving, running errands, filling in when the Volunteer Coordinator left, and many other tasks! However, my greatest joy for this year has been developing the beading/sewing ministry here in Okahandja, as well as traveling to Keetmanshoop to teach the C&C group there.
Our children also help with the different ministries when they are not in school or busy with other things. When a container arrived this year they all got involved in unloading, sorting, cleaning, etc! Meagan has really helped with the beading ministry; she comes along, sorts things and organizes things for me, as well as cleans! She has also been a big help in many other areas of ministry. The boys are in public school and Meagan is ‘supposed’ to be home schooling. We are still working at getting her entered into the public school system.
Well as I sum up the events of our lives I will ask you this question… How can you be involved in the ministries that we are currently doing in Namibia to the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children as well as those who are affected or infected with HIV/AIDS??? Well there are many ways that you can help… you can pray for us… you can come and visit us J… You can send us letters and give us a phone call now and again to encourage us… You can also support us and the ministries we are involved in financially.
Perhaps you could hold a small dinner party at your house, and ask your friends to share some of their resources with the needy in Africa. Challenge them with denying themselves of something for one month (say Starbucks, McDonalds or some other fast food or pleasure) and collect the money at your next get together to send for a project here in Namibia. Not only will you help us in what we are doing here, you will have some fun doing it! Why not have a garage sale in the spring and give the proceeds to the work here in Namibia? Not only do you help our work, but you also clean out your house and have a fresh start for the summer! There are many ideas of how you can help us help others! J Why not take the time today to sit down and write the names of 10 of your closest friends and challenge each other not only for fun but to help someone who is suffering with HIV/AIDS or a child who is orphaned or vulnerable here in Okahandja! You can do it!!!

We would like to that this be the year that you prayerfully make a commitment to support our family, through prayer, finances, emails, projects, etc!

Please take the time to pray about whether or not God would have you share in HIS work here in Namibia.

If God lays it on your heart to help then I would ask that you contact us with your pledge… here are some suggestions:

Pray: Make a commitment on a specific day of the week that you would be willing to hold us up before the Lord!

Emails: Make a commitment to share and email with our family… once or twice a week, once or twice a month, etc!

Finances: Make a commitment to a monthly, quarterly, yearly pledge!

Projects: Make a commitment to be involved in sharing in specific projects when we send out proposals of specific things that you can get involved in!

Remember you are partnering with us in GOD’S MINISTRY… it is HE who has called us, and when you give to God you will be laying up for yourself treasures in heaven (where moth and rust do not corrupt). This ministry is NOT a Knightly ‘THING’… this is something we are firmly convinced that God has called us to. Although there are times when we become discouraged, we know that GOD is faithful and He will continue to provide for our needs whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual or financial! We are truly thankful when YOU get involved in partnering with us and we pray God’s blessing in your lives as you seek to serve him with your time, energies, and finances.

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