Thursday, February 28, 2008

Home Assignment...

Greetings from rainy Namibia!
We have been looking into flights to return to Canada on Home Assignment for one year! They range from $2000 to $5000 per person! Of course the $2000 is the only option! This is for a one year open ended ticket, which is a very good deal!
We feel it is time to share the need! God has been moving us in the direction of returning for a one year Home Assignment for many reasons, and although to me it seems like a waste of money and time (for flights, vehicle, and all the other particulars and complications regarding a return) I also see that it is something that is necessary! As all of you know, this has been an incredible journey so far… and we really feel it is time for a break and there is a great need to reconnect with our supporters and also to gain new supporters! Not only for our family, but also for Christ’s Hope in general!
So let’s break the HUGE amount of $10,000 down into bite size chunks that make it less overwhelming to all (including me)! If everyone on our email list gave $20 we would have the tickets paid for… however the likelihood of that is…well…perhaps NIL? If half of our list gave $40… same story! Now if 100 people gave $100 our trip would be paid for! That doesn’t seem so bad does it? That’s two ‘dinner and a movie’ nights for a couple!
Please pray that CHI-Canada will get the receipting in place SOON… so that those who would like to give can do so with the benefit of a tax receipt. If you feel that God is laying on your heart to give, or if you want more details… please send us an email. When we have enough commitments/pledges/promises we will go ahead and book the tickets (in faith). Of course the longer we wait the more those tickets may become… so please pray with us!!!
We thank you all for your love and prayers,
The Knightly’s

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