Monday, February 18, 2008

TOO many creatures in our house...

This is a dried up Rhino bug the kids found and brought home...
The boys favourite creatures... chameleons... there are always one or two in our house during chameleon season!
This is our dog, and the cat she adopted... it comes around to eat her food, play with her, and cuddle up and sleep! Weird!
The other creatures I don't have pictures for are... the SNAKE... the SCORPIONS (7 of them)... yah, it's pretty much a mad house around here! They have been hunting for Baboon Spiders... I thought... Ok that doesn't sound so bad... but well... they are actually tarantulas! :-) Isn't that lovely! BOYS!!!!
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Aneta said...

Bugs..ugh! Your dog looks so sweet! Funny, I think of a retriever as a North American dog..!