Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Arrival of boxes...

Well, Sunday night, Janet arrived in a big Ford truck filled with surprises for the Knightly's. Things we haven't seen for 2 years. I took all day Monday and opened them all, sorted through them, cleaned things up (some of the stuff had been chewed through, used as rat's nests, and peed on) and repacked everything. There were lots of books (which would be very exciting except that we don't have time to read now), some dishes (which I repacked, still using plastic), our pictures and digital photo CD's, as well as a couple of boxes of the toys that Judge Shupe made for us to bring to an orphanage (now we have several we can share them with :)), etc!

Today I had beading with the ladies, I have suggested to them that when I leave they come and purchase the beads and extras, go home make the necklaces, and then if they want to sell them through Christ's Hope they can bring them back to the Ark. I think this will work out best for them, as they will be able to make a steady income even selling in their neighbourhoods. I had them do an experiment, they took home 2 bags of beads to see how many necklaces they could make and they were pleasantly surprised (as they have not been keeping track of how far they go) at how many can be made with two small bags of beads. So we will see how it goes, but I would love to know that these ladies can continue to bead and earn an income for their families!

Thursday I run into Windhoek, another long errand day (I am sure) and then on Monday we will head to the North for a visit to Owamboland. Looking forward to that. Hoping to see Ruacana Falls, and some other things we haven't had the chance to see yet. The boys have several weeks of holidays now and Meagan will go to Walvis Bay to visit her friend (still continuing to do school while she is there). I am really hoping for a good break now for a bit, so that I can get my head around leaving, and try to get more planning done. We are at $1621 toward tickets home... we have about $5500 more to go until they are paid up!

Thank you all for your prayers and love during this time, we appreciate hearing from you.
Take Care and God Bless,

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