Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Interac Money Transfers

A friend just sent some money via an Interac Email Money Transfer. It was quick and easy, I was so surprised (guess I have lived in Africa too long... see lots has changed)! You can click the link below and figure out how it is done... and when our friend gets back to us exactly how she did it, then I will write more on this. You don't even need our bank details I don't think... I get to choose which bank and account to deposit it into. Wild! There is a question that I have to be able to answer... so you might want to make it something I can answer :-)

What is an INTERAC Email Money Transfer?
If you have an email address and online banking password at a participating financial institution, you can send and receive money quickly and easily.
Email carries the notice while the financial institutions securely transfer the money using existing payment networks. If your financial institution does not yet offer INTERAC Email Money Transfers, you can still deposit transfers to any bank account in Canada. Click for details.

I will continue to update you on the progression of things... they are moving forward very quickly now... we only have 2 months to get our acts together and things set up for going back! It has converged upon us much too quickly, as I knew it would! I am going to have to cut back the work load for CHI in order to get things set up for Canada. PLEASE pray for us!


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