Monday, June 02, 2008

ONE WEEK to go...

Here we are at one more week. Saturday we found out that on Wednesday the church decided to sell the house and not rent it to Elfie. That was a BLOW! We are all floundering now... her with all the plans to move in (just formalities, shouldn't be a problem, blah blah blah)... and now no where to go but back to the center. Us with all of our stuff that was going to be stored in the garage. Great! Well... we have one week to figure something out or leave the stuff in the street. Sounds depressing but I am sure that God has better plans! Since all things will work together for good... :0) There is much to think about now... oh and we still have NOTHING settled regarding our visas either. So here we are... one more week... I am sure it will be a great story to tell in the years to come of God's faithfulness, but going through it and waiting (and knowing there isn't much time to wait) is not easy!

We appreciate your prayers... a LOT!

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