Friday, June 06, 2008

THREE days to go...

3 Days to go…

Here we are and 3 more days to go before we fly from Namibia to New Brunswick, Canada! Up to now we have had so many things that just seemed to fall apart… so many unknowns… and so many discouragements. Today was the last possible day to get things worked out with our visas, and Pete went into Home Affairs and the lady graciously and very quickly granted an exit (or re-entry) Visa so when we get to the airport there will be no problem in leaving! What a load off of the mind, heart, body, stomach……….! Also some wonderful, gracious American missionaries offered to clear out a space in their garage that we can store our things in for while we are gone. So tomorrow and Sunday we will spend time carting things over there. Continue to pray for Elfie as she is still looking for a place to rent. We know that God will work it out in His time, but pray for Elfie as she is waiting!!

Let’s see what is left to do… we have to get our bags packed with 50lbs of stuff and no more, we have to get our stuff ‘moved’, I am picking up my friend Tammy at the airport on Saturday, we have church on Sunday (saying goodbye) and driving Tammy to the airport so she can catch her flight to Angola, Monday morning we get up early and head to the airport at 9:00 AM.
Now once we arrive in NB… Meagan and Talitha both have exams, Talitha has grad ceremonies etc, we have to decide where we will live (and we are leaning toward living in NB), we need to make a trip west, and Pete is anxious about finding a job, we will have to get the kids registered in a school somewhere, registered for medical, etc… etc… etc…! There are a lot of things to do and the task seems overwhelming, but we trust that God has a plan and he will work it through for GOOD!

We appreciate all of your prayers and we are extremely thankful to those who have given toward our tickets and general living expenses. We appreciate your giving to the Lord! We look forward to the year ahead; it will be interesting to see how God works everything out for GOOD once again! I do hope it will be a restful year, and that we will be renewed and ready for another term on the field.

Keeping you posted!

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