Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Letter from Angola!

I thought I would update today on the blog with an excerpt from a letter that we received from the family (the Jouberts, they are from South Africa and their first language is Afrikaans) we will be working with at Agro-Sul. These are some of the practical ways that people can help when we ship a container to Angola:

The river in the Giraul valley has been flowing now for more that a month and it is beautiful. It also brings a lot of mosquitoes and many people have been ill and in the past three weeks 7 small children died here around the farm. It is so sad and one keep on asking what can we do. Some of the things we have been thinking about are to get a proper water well (via UNICEF) for the people and some sponsors for water filters and maybe mosquito nets to try and help in a practical way. The needs everywhere seem so overwhelming and I just constantly remind myself that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

The farm is doing better every month with production picking up. The expenses of fuel and insecticide and breaking of the water pumps keeps us on our knees however.
Pete, we are sure that you will see a big difference once you get here.
Since of last week we also have now running water and flushing toilets!! Praise the Lord!
Some Germans came visiting and two of them are professional plumbers. God is so good.

If any of you would like to donate water filters, water pumps, diesel generator, irrigation equipment, farm equipment, mosquito netting, insecticide (for plants and people), or if you have something you think we may need for the farm, please email us at knightvision6@gmail.com and we will be happy to discuss it with you. There are several families employed and living on the farm at present, and our desire is to help them in terms of not only sharing the gospel, but in practical ways such as health and hygiene.

We continue to wait on the Lord to sell the house. The kids are getting anxious to get on the road, but we must be patient and wait on God for His timing, some days it is harder to do than others. Especially when I get a letter like the one above, we would really like to be there to help, however perhaps now we have a better idea of how to help! There are always two ways (at least) to look at things, and we have to be open and willing for God to do His work in His time! So continue to pray with us and those interested in helping in a material way(with regards to equipment), please let us know!

God Bless,
Charlene; for the rest of the gang!

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