Wednesday, April 27, 2005


There is a little Greek Restaurant located on the North Shore of Kamloops, nestled between Surplus Herby's and Mommy & Me on Tranquille Road. Just driving by you wouldn't necessarily notice it, but speak to anyone who has been in to experience the warmth and hospitality of George and they will tell you it is amazing! Not only is it the BEST Greek food I have tasted, but I have also experienced many great memories that I will cherish forever. I am going to miss George, Donna (my favourite daytime server, hostess and friend), and Tom (my favourite nighttime server, host and friend). Pete and I have celebrated many different occasions at Mino's, anniversaries, birthdays, mothers days, etc... and we have never been disappointed in the food or the atmosphere. I have also had many great times out with my girlfriends in this place. Some will NEVER be forgotten (Karen, Amy and Jackie for three will vouch for that, although there are many others I could mention here!!!)

Last night our whole family was treated to an amazing meal at MINO'S Greek Restaurant!

George whipped up Chicken, and Prawn Souvlaki for the boys, Chicken Parmesan for the girls, the usual (Kalamari dinner) for Jackie (who joined us for the evening), and Paella Vallencienne (if you LOVE seafood, you will LOVE this dish) for Pete and I. Jackie, Pete and I also enjoyed a couple of rounds of George's "Special" Coffee! When we were all completely STUFFED, he then sent out Baklava and Chocolate Mousse Cake. It was a fabulous evening and of course our server was Tom! "THANK YOU'S" to ALL the staff who made one of our last 18 days here in Kamloops a gloriously memorable one!!! We have been blessed by God to have such great friends put in our path along this journey called life.

After spending time at Mino's we then made our way over to the Full Gospel Church for a dessert night (we couldn't eat any) in honour of the grade 10's who went to Guatemala this year. It was so nice to see many dear friends and it may be the last time we see many of them! It was a very emotional evening to say the least, I am wondering how I am going to hold up for the final 18 days!

We'll keep you posted as this JOURNEY TO ANGOLA continues on!
God Bless,

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