Thursday, April 28, 2005

Project Needs!

This is a letter that I just emailed everyone... I have taken out our account information, if you are interested in supporting the project, please email me at and I will give instructions as to how to send funds.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing today to let you know of some needs of the farm that we are going to help develop into an orphanage. The name of the farm is Agro-Sul, and it is located on the Giraul River. This river runs underground most of the year. There is an abundance of water flowing and at present they use water pumps to draw the water up out of the ground.

They have 2 very old pumps, a large and a small one, and they are constantly breaking down and in need of repair. They are also in need of a generator on the farm, and we personally could use a smaller one for charging batteries and things like that. The wiring in Angola is 220v, so we will not be taking many things that run on 110v; however there are some things we would rather not replace (i.e. computer, table saw, drills, battery chargers, etc).

In saying all this, I am sending this email as a request for those interested in helping with a project that will go directly to the needs of the farm (we will eventually benefit from this personally, once we move onto the farm, however this is for helping out the UIEA... Uniao de Igrejas Evangelical de Angola... in Portuguese...Union of Evangelical Churches of Angola... in English). Since we are shipping a container and we will have space to send things like this I felt I should send this email to inform those of you who are interested in helping (financially) the farm get up and running efficiently.

Our church has not yet set up a way to send funds for the orphanage project, so if you donate it will have to be directly to our account without a receipt, however, you can be assured that we will use this money for project needs, and it will free us up to use our own personal funds from selling the house for things like our airline tickets, shipping container and a truck (unless you would like to donate towards those things as well). If you do chose to donate, please send an email saying WHAT you would like to see that money go toward (water pumps, generators, water filtration systems, mosquito netting for those working on the farm, etc...).

We appreciate all of you who are prayerfully supporting our journey, and also for those who have been able to contribute financially. You have all been a blessing to us! I am including an account we have that is not being used at the moment at the Royal Bank, please be sure to send us an email if you deposit money letting us know to what you would like to see that money go to, as we desire to be faithful with anything that is given to us for this project!

Please do not feel pressured, this is not what I am intending, I just really wanted to share one of the burdens on our heart, for how we would like to help the Angolan Church with the project being that we will ship a container, we personally have limited resources and we do not want to waste space!

Thank you for your love and prayers at this time, we have 17 days until we leave Kamloops and head to Toronto to ship our container. Then we will go on to NB to spend some time with family and then on to South Africa for perhaps a couple of weeks, just to give that container some time to arrive so we won't be TOO much ahead of it. We will keep you posted in the days ahead on how all of this is coming together!

God Bless and Thank You,

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