Sunday, May 08, 2005

In Calgary!

For those of you checking in on how we are doing... We are in Calgary. We had a very unsuccessful day yesterday, traveling about 500 km's around Calgary, north and south looking for the right vehicle. We know it is out there somewhere, we would ask for prayer in helping us find it! God is faithful and in control of all things, even finding the truck that we need for Angola! We had a great time yesterday traveling around, looking, talking, bonding... :-) We aren't even feeling stressed out over the whole thing. We realize that our plans change like the wind, but God is steadfast and stable, so we look to Him for our strength. He has been SO good to us, and we praise Him.

Last evening we went for dinner with friends. We are staying with Linda, Sean and little Jordan, and they are treating us GREAT! Linda, Pete and I met Gary and Tammy for supper. We had a great time of fellowship together.

This morning we attending Linda and Sean's church, First Alliance in Calgary, the worship team was wonderful, the sermon was pointed and very encouraging, and we enjoyed looking over their map of missionaries that they support afterward in the foyer!

Now we are going to make some calls on some trucks that look interesting and are in the ballpark money-wise! Oh that we will be faithful stewards of what God has given us and trust Him for the rest!

Happy Mother's Day to both of our MOM's... Marge has our boys in Cranbrook... Thanks Mom! My mom is in the hospital in St. John, NB getting ready for her open heart surgery! Please pray for her this week, she will be opened up on Tuesday to fix the hole in heart! Love you Mom!

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts during this time! We will keep you posted!
God Bless,

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