Thursday, May 05, 2005

Please Pray!

Hello everyone.

Time is getting short before we leave Kamloops. We are looking today at leaving in 10 days, Lord Willing! We have experience many blessing along the way, and also many set backs. We are learning once again to TRUST the Lord to supply all of our needs, including the need for sanity! We are getting down to the wire, and have been searching endlessly for a vehicle. We know that God has one available for us, and we just need to stop and listen for His voice, so He can show us where it is. We are going to Calgary to look this weekend. I believe that He has something for us there, but I would ask you all to pray that we trust in Lord and not the power of our own strength. This has been a difficult process, but God has been, is and will be faithful! I believe!

My verse for the day is what I read in Hebrews this morning in my time of devotions:
Hebrews 4:16, "Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."

First of all it is a time of NEED and secondly during all the madness we have to take the time to DRAW NEAR! And not just drawing near for the sake of drawing near, but with CONFIDENCE knowing that you will receive mercy and grace! We have an awesome God, and He is SO good to us!

So the agenda for today is to find out how much our tickets are going to cost and to compare prices and hopefully hold them, until the money from the house comes through. Pack some more, look into finding someone who would like to drive back east with us who has a pick-up truck and can haul a trailer back here to Kamloops, meet a friend for lunch, pick Pete up, meet another friend for a quick coffee on the way to the Doctor (where I will hear him say "your headaches are due to STRESS"), I guess I just need to hear it! Then the evening will be spent packing the boys for a visit with their grandparents in Cranbrook (we will meet them in Golden on the way to Calgary tomorrow), pack ourselves, and the girls for their weekend with Jackie!

One other bit of information for those interested... we have found some water pumps and generators for a MOST EXCELLENT price, if anyone wishes to donate money to that cause let us know, the more we can take the better. The farm could use a couple more for sure (it is 350 acres and in need of irrigation). Also I found mosquito netting at JYSK for $8.88, if you would like to donate some just drop them off in the next week so that I can get them packed into our luggage or in the supplies for the container.

We thank you all for your prayers and friendship! You have been a blessing!
God Bless,
Charlene for the Knightly's

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