Saturday, May 31, 2008

NINE more days to go...

Here we are with 9 more days to go. I have never felt more complacent about packing and getting ready to leave! Maybe I have become totally African... hehe! Although I wouldn't say I am relaxed... I feel tense everyday, but not enough to PACK!

We still do not have our VISA issue settled, which is causing me a great deal of anxiety... but I know that GOD has it all under his control!

So here are the prayer requests for the days ahead...

1. VISAS so we can actually get out of the country without a problem!
2. Motivation to pack and get ready to leave.
3. Peace in saying our goodbye's (or rather... see you later's).
4. Remainder of money for airline tickets.
5. Safety in travel.
6. Finances for getting settled upon our return and our trip across Canada!
7. Wisdom in where to stay for the year.
8. Adjustments (RE-Entry) upon return.
9. Both Meagan and Talitha have exams the first week we are in Canada.
10. Wisdom in ALL decisions to be made!

We thank you all for your prayers! We could not make it here without them. It is so wonderful knowing that there are those who are daily/weekly/monthly holding us up to the Father! You have been a blessing to us. We look forward to visiting with each one of you IF THE LORD WILLS! We would love to share face to face our experiences and how we have seen the Lord working here in Africa over the last 3 years!

Keep in touch,

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