Friday, May 09, 2008

Progress Report...

Well, here we are with 31 days left to go... where are we at? Well, to date we have found someone to take the house, store our stuff, take our dog, take over our internet contract, and we have packed several boxes! There is still much to do, but I am feeling a little better with the progress that has been made!

Just over half our our airline tickets are paid up, but we are trusting that God will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory, through His cheerful givers... for whom we are very thankful!

The points of prayer that are needed for what is yet to be sorted out are:
* That the rest of the money for tickets will come in.
* That we will be able to sell our car (as when we return we need a 4x4 pickup, makes more sense)
* That we will be able to finish sorting out the transition for the ministry here in Okahandja for both Pete and myself!
* That we will be able to purchase a vehicle in Canada that will be sufficient for our family and for the year at home.
* That the details for a place to live will get sorted out ASAP... it is a nagging concern which I am trying to give up to God! I know He knows... but it is hard for me to not think about it!
* For safety with all the traveling ahead in 2008/09!
* For softened hearts to the needs in Namibia/Angola as we go and share what God has placed on our hearts.

We praise God for all of the answers to prayer thus far and we are looking forward to how He will sort out the rest of the details, on our behalf! We thank you for your prayers, and we will continue to keep you posted on the progress!

Charlene and family...

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