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Ark Okahandja Ministries

Ark Okahandja Ministries
Detailed report

The Ark:
There are 16 children in the Ark currently. There was a new addition last month, he is adjusting well, but it looks like he will go to live with his grandmother soon. For a little boy who had been beaten so bad by his father, you would be amazed if you had the opportunity to meet him; you would be greeted with a bright warm smile and a big hug from little Shipandeni. If you are good at Math and would like to volunteer for 3 to 6 months at Ark Okahandja, the children could use some help in this area! Donavan, thankfully, was admitted to Okahandja Primary School for grade 1.
Pelgrina and Sonja have resumed teaching Choose to Wait in the Primary schools three days a week. Rachel, Corina and a local volunteer Aurelia are working at Care and Compassion on the weekdays, sharing the word of God, visiting and giving food to those suffering with AIDS. Violet has resumed with Kids Club two days a week. The volunteers have been doing a marvelous job with study times with the children; however Corina and Sonja will both be heading home to Germany next month. The staff are all healthy and we are excited to announce that Uncle Lazarus and Auntie Leila had a beautiful baby girl almost 2 weeks ago now.
Pete started a garden project and the fruits of his labour were very much enjoyed by those at the Ark… the HUGE watermelons and cantaloupes were big hits! He is hoping to engage some of the children in helping out with the project as they really need to learn some practical life skills.
The staff house is ‘almost’ complete and the Volunteer Coordinator, Barbara, has finally moved in (after a very long wait). I made curtains for all the bedroom windows, and have one more set to go for the kitchen. I was very thankful that one of the other volunteers left behind her sewing machine… it has been put to good use!

Pete’s Work
After his wife being away for 6 weeks I guess Pete needed a bit of a break. So on the 11th he headed out to a farm about 100km north of Okahandja for 5 days of prayer and fasting with a group of leaders from many other countries. I think it was a refreshing time for him, not only to get away to meditate and pray but to have the fellowship with men who love God and want to serve him with their whole hearts. On the 18th Pete preached again at Pioneer Baptist. The next few days were spent in meetings at CHI headquarters here in Okahandja, with some training and information on OVC’s (orphaned and vulnerable children) and HIV/AIDS. It is always beneficial to receive more information in this area.
In regards to Ministry Coordinating the Ark and other 2 ministries, he has been busy trying to work out some kinks. It has been difficult to deal with some of the challenges since our COO left in December (especially in the area of obtaining finances for the daily needs of the Ark). They are currently working on some of the options and he attending a board meeting where everyone was in agreement that something must be done. The monthly CH-Namibia Prayer and Fasting will be held here in Okahandja so Pete has been busy trying to help Uncle Lazarus organize and get things ready.
Pete also worked on the staff house with Jandre (our finance guy at National Office) and made it livable for Barbara and any other volunteers who come to Okahandja. Barbara is very thankful to the 2 of them for their hard work and extra effort on her behalf. It looks great, Pete did the countertops (which he did for a living in Prince George many years ago). All things for a reason!

Charlene’s Work
This month has gone by quickly. It has taken almost the whole month to recover from Jet-lag and to get settled back into the HEAT (which I will not complain about!!!) I think it is the humidity that is making me so very tired, hopefully this will pass… soon!
After seeing that I could make curtains (for my house) I was asked to make curtains for the MPMC (Multi-Purpose Ministry Center) and now the Staff house. It has been nice to make use of a skill taught to me by my mother so many years ago. Thanks Mom! They hinted that the Ark could use some new curtains, we’ll see!
I learned how to take off a spare tire but never had the chance to actually change the tire myself… I could have… but I was very thankful that someone stopped to help me!
This month I started a ‘Ladies Night Out’ at my house for the volunteers and staff at the Ark (however there are others who have joined us, including Pete for a couple of ‘seconds’). We had a movie (Janette Oke series of movies) and popcorn. We have had 3 nights now, watched the 3 of the series of 4 (I don’t have the #4 so we will have to figure something else out for next time). I didn’t realize what an encouragement it would be to the girls, as they are tired after a long week at the Ark and really can use a break from the stresses.
Along with helping out with Uncle Lazarus’ computer (which I am threatening to BLOW UP) I have done Christ’s Hope Namibia’s Bi-monthly newsletter, Uncle Walter (our National Director) decided that every other month was enough to contend with.


Care & Compassion
We thank God for Aurelia our local volunteer who has helped with Care and Compassion and Corina our volunteer from Germany that has been with us for 6 months now. We thank God for the improvements that are taking place, the way the women are doing and how they are putting their attention on Bible study and we pray that God will touch them and give them the ability to minister the Good News to those around them. We have 22 patients, eighteen adults, and four children (3 of them are attending school the other is Tweufilwa a one year old).

How Patients are Doing:
Rosalia A. from 5 Rand was sick for a few days but now she is doing fine. Lineekela from 5 Rand moved to a farm last year and we do not know about her health. The women are having a slight problem with the garden and we are hoping to get it worked out soon.

Below is the list of patients and programs:
Oshetu: Fenny is back from the North, Priscilla, Frieda, Martha are on ARV treatment, they attend Bible Study some times, their businesses has taken a lot of their attention currently. Tuuliki, Johanna, Simsom, Loise, Sofia are attending Bible Study regularly. Nicolas and Sandra they are not reactive however Nicolas has epilepsy and Sandra has been affected by AIDS (her parents died from HIV/AIDS).
Five Rand: Martha, Olivia, Ndahekelekwa, Rosalia A., Rosalia H., Otillia N., Otillia S., Helena H., Helena Ha., Tweufilwa, Lineekela, and Salti are all on ARV treatments. Some of them do not attend Bible Study regularly, however many of them do.
Empowerment Program: All of our patients started with a business last year and still continue, except for those in sewing class as their teacher is not around.
Our Plan
To have many patients who are really in need
To train many local volunteers
To find a place for our garden, or work things out with the present garden

Prayer Requests
Pray for our patients that they have a good connection with God
Pray for the Care and Compassion team in Okahandja that God will give them strength and knowledge

Compiled by Rachel and Aurelia

Choose to Wait
“I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart
I will tell of all your wonders,
I will be glad and rejoice in you;
I will sing praise to your name, O most high.”
(Psalm 9:1-2)

The School Ministry
On 30 January we had an appointment with the new Principal, Mr. Fritz from the Aurora school. He was open and happy to give us RME and Life Skills classes to teach Choose to Wait from Grade 5 to Grade 8. We also had an appointment with Nau-aib Principal but she said that at the moment we do not have the opportunity to teach Choose to Wait, but she will call us when she needs us (perhaps next term).

We began 7 February with our teaching at Aurora and this year Violet joined us. She is a big help with her experience from Kids Club and Choose to Wait after school club. We were especially thankful because Sonja went home to Germany 17 March, it was an answer to prayer.
We go to the school 3 days per week (Monday, Tuesday and Friday). The schedule was confusing in February as there was Athletics at school, but now everything is in order. We have 40 minutes for each of the 9 classes we teach now (Grade 5: 3 classes, Grade 6: 3 classes, Grade 7: 2 classes, and Grade 8: 1 class).
Violet and Sonja taught Grade 5 and 6 the beginning Biblical Foundation (God is Almighty Creator; Jesus Made Me Beautiful; I am Blessed; Genesis 1, 1-28).
Pelgrina taught Grade 7 and 8 about Choose to Wait Biblical Foundations, The Voice of Truth, You Have Value, I Have Value, and Sex Has Value.
We are now building a relationship with the children and are encouraging and motivating the children concerning their social life and helping them to think about God. One of the difficulties we are facing is that a lot of these children in grade 5 and 6 do not know how to read and they have problems listening and concentrating on the lessons. Moreover, the children in grade 7 and 8 are very naughty and do not take the topic seriously.
We appreciate your prayers,
Pelgrina, Violet (and Sonja who has returned to Germany)

Kids Club
I am doing Kids Club by myself and I am managing quite well but would appreciate it if there was help. The Kids Club is on Tuesday and Thursdays. For Tuesday there are about 70 kids, and Thursday there are about 60. The kids really like Kids Club and they are growing in this ministry, spiritually! The older children are doing a great job helping when it comes to preparing the food and saving the food.

In the near future I would like to have camps with the kids or just go for an outing for a day or so.

It has been a blessing for me to work with Kids Club because I too am growing and learning a lot from the kids. They too have been good to me because they look up to me for help and ask lots of questions that they are having in their lives. They are a blessing just knowing them and being able to work with them.

My prayer is that Kids may come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour. I want them to appreciate what Christ is doing in their lives.

Thank you for your prayers,

Pete’s Work
Pete spent some extra time at the beginning of the month on C&C as Danny who had started the program here in Okahandja was here for a visit. They spent several days together meeting with C&C patients and discussing issues concerning the program. It was very fruitful, and he enjoyed Danny’s fellowship.
He attended a week of training at International Headquarters here in Okahandja. It ran from 8 AM until 6PM every night Mon-Thurs and then 1/2 day on Friday. This made it difficult for keeping up with the daily running of the Ark and other commitments that he has to keep.
He has also been struggling with the budget for the Ark, meeting with the Board and trying to convey the message to our National Director. It has been like swimming upstream all month and the frustration level is rising!
Administration is not his favourite thing and so he enjoys the opportunities to get out into the community to share the gospel. There is a huge receptiveness amongst the people. I like to use Romans 1:18-32 because it gives me the opportunity to explain from a Biblical standpoint why there is so much suffering and sin in the world and they can all easily relate because of the things described in that passage are so clearly seen here in this culture. He has seen many positive changes in the women in 5 Rand, they are beginning to care more about each other and have fewer complaints. The fact that we have not had a lot of food to distribute lately has provided us with the opportunity to teach an important lesson that their dependence should not be on man but on God. We have been teaching them the importance of going to God for their daily provisions and now when we do have things to give they seem truly thankful.

Charlene’s Work
On March 6, I went to Five Rand to interview and take photos of Meme Olivia for the pamphlet we sent out. I finished the pamphlet about her and now I am working on several others. I sent it to our International Director, he is very excited about the potential of this and well... now I have more work!
I spent 3 days with the Choose to Wait team in the Aurora Primary School. We showed the grade 7 and 8’s a video called In Your Face, a Christian doctor in South Africa shows kids what having AIDS and STD’s looks like… very terrible pictures, and a great message sent to the kids! On this continent (especially) the danger far outweighs the inconvenience of waiting to have sex!
I have been busy with correspondence and working out details this month as there are 3 potential visitors coming to join us for a short term. Kelly and Dakota from Kamloops BC are currently in Zimbabwe with CHI and would like to come by for a visit, we look forward to that! There are two others who Lord willing will come and help work on Ark Oshikuku… this is very exciting! It takes a lot of planning but I am enjoying it.
I have also had to attend some meetings (not fun). I was supposed to speak at a baby shower, but the to-be mother decided to go to hospital instead! I have also been fixing more computers and creating Power Point presentations for CHI-Namibia. I am also currently working on the National bimonthly newsletter. Of course there were lots of other things happening; these are just the highlights you can email throughout the month for more information.

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