Friday, June 08, 2007

Wireless Internet...

Namibia has moved up in the world... we now have Wireless Internet. Can you imagine? We applied back the second last week of March and I received it yesterday! Yes the process is slow, but the Internet is a little faster than what I am used to and I can be connected anytime of the day and wherever I chose to sit... in the living room, out in the yard (in the sunshine), in the car, in Windhoek, at the beach in Swakopmund, or Oshakati! WOW! In Windhoek, Swakop and Walvis they connect us at 3G's... but here in Okahandja we are at 1 1/2G's (or there-a-bouts). I must say that it makes life just a little more 'convenient'!

Well, I do have things to do, so I can't be on here ALL day long!

Keep in touch,
Charlene (for the rest of the Knightly family)

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