Sunday, June 10, 2007

Party at the neigbours

Today we were invited to a party next door! This was quite a combination... a baby had been baptized and dedicated... the dad had a birthday... and the baby's namesake had just been married! WOW! After we got home from church (Pete preached this morning and did a wonderful job, his topic was the Glory of God) we were hesitant to head over because we had missed the baptism at the church, and things had been underway for a while (or so we thought)... but when we walked in the yard they had just started!

We sat at a table with an elderly couple, when they brought the plates of food the Meme scraped the plates of food into a tupperware-like container and put it in a bag under the table. They even brought an extra plate and she did the same with that! Then she picked the orange off of the table and put it in a big pocket in her jacket. When Pete was finished chewing on his meat, she asked for his plate and proceeded to put it into her bag under the table. It was a bit humorous yet sad at the same time.

After the meal we moved around meeting with the people there... it started out kind of quiet, it is hard to meet new people when everyone is speaking Oshiwambo and Afrikaans... but once we started moving around people started speaking English to us! It was great. We finally got to know our neighbours a little better and some other people who live not too far away. One lady asked if I could take her 3 year old to live with me, and she tried to pawn off her sisters baby too! I always find that a bit disturbing! Happens often... "will you take my baby home with you"?!?!?!?

Well, we're home now, I'm tired (didn't fall asleep last night until 4:30 AM) and ready to go to bed under my 3 HEAVY blankets with my scarf, hat, gloves, sweater, sweatpants, socks, and housecoat... no word of a lie... that is how I am dressing for bed these days!!!!

Well keep in touch... we love hearing from you all!
God Bless,

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