Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jenny's Beading...

Today was a very exciting day for Jenny... she doesn't know it yet, but when she finds out I will blog her response. I taught Jenny how to crochet necklaces (like the one Meagan is wearing in the photo Meagan... our sweet sixteen girl) out of beads. She has done an awesome job and is eager to make more. Yesterday I dropped a bag of necklaces, bracelets and earrings off with the Table Rock team. This morning I went to pick up the leftovers and show them a few more that I had added clasps to last night. They ended up purchasing NINE necklaces, for a total of N$1200. Considering that N$30 is an average daily wage here in Namibia, I think Jenny is going to extremely excited!!! Half of the money will go to Jenny and the other half to stock up on more beads, as all of the current necklaces were made with beads and supplies that I had purchased in Canada and here in Namibia.

If anyone is interested in financially helping toward this little business (the purchase of more beads, clasps, string, and other supplies) please let me know. I would like to do up some kind of a business plan and help Jenny with a plan for what to do with the money that she makes. I would like to enable her to be able to do it on her own should I move away. We will need to look into an easily accessible place to purchase her supplies. In the future I would like to see a percentage of the money going to Care and Compassion here in Okahandja. I would also like to get some of the girls at the Ark involved in beading so that in the future they will have a trade that might help them when they leave the Ark. We'll see how it all goes, and I will try to keep you informed on the progress, however as I mentioned if you are interested in helping toward this little business venture get in touch with me!!

Have a glorious day!

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