Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Prayer and Financial Pledging Information!

On the road to Angola Africa...

Here are some ways you can help!
Prayer is the most important part of the ministry. Through prayer you have the privilege of helping those in places you cannot be.
Here are some options for prayer support:
Weekly prayer partner:
(We are looking for those who would choose a specific day of the week that we can know that you are praying for us)
Daily prayer partners:
(those who chose to pray daily for our family and the ministry)

If you have decided you will pray for us please fill out the pledge form (bottom of this blog) and know that we will be praying for you too!
There are several areas in which you can participate financially.
All donations can be sent to Hillcrest Baptist Church,
designated: Hillcrest Mission Fund (Pete & Charlene Knightly), if you require a receipt.

Airplane Tickets:
When the time comes to travel to Angola we will be looking at somewhere in the vicinity of $12,000 for plane fares to Africa. These will be one way fares.
Goal: $12,000 CAD

Shipping Container:
We are looking into shipping a pick-up truck, supplies for the farm (diesel generator), along with some household supplies (mattresses/ dishes/etc) in a shipping container. The cost for this will depend on the size we chose to send. If there are lots of donations made for the farm we will probably opt for the 40' container (the difference between the 20' & 40' is $1,500 US)
Goal: $6,500 US

Our target monthly support for living in Namibe, Angola is $2000CAD.

This covers:
*Vehicle/Medical/Ministry Expenses
*Emergencies(any excess funds that come to us personally will be directed to the orphanage project)

Orphanage Fund:
We do not have a set goal for this, but those who wish to contribute in large quantities can do so to the Hillcrest Mission Fund/designated for the (UIEA)Orphanage.

Crew-Cab Pickup:
We will be purchasing a diesel 4x4 off-road crew cab or quad cab pickup suitable for the farm and the Angolan roads.
Goal: Approximately $15,000 to $20,000

Contact Information:

Hillcrest Baptist Church
1393-9th AvenueKamloops, BC V2C-3X6
(250) 372-2021


As a part of the KNIGHT VISION TEAM!

I would like to:


Weekly, every, Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat


One Time gift $____________________
Monthly support$____________________
Yearly support $____________________

Please make cheques payable to: Hillcrest Baptist Church (address above)
Designated: Hillcrest Mission Fund/Pete & Charlene Knightly

"Knightly News” Regular up-dates on the work in Angola!
Via snail-mail: _____________________________________
Via e-mail: ________________________________________

Feel Free to forward or photocopy and give to friends or relatives that are interested!

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